Resignation in the football game

Resignation in the football game

very great and interesting game which attracts a very huge mass is found to be football. There are many great players who are found in football game and in this Euro cup 2016 the great player who is Lionel Messi is highly notable player who has given his best in all his tournaments.

But this person has given very shocking news to the football world and also to the fans of the football which is that this player has announced his great resignation in the recent speech which he has given to the media. This is the most shocking news which is been given to the media by this person and it is also said to be an unexpected news for all the players.

This great player has defeated the great Argentina with 4 – 2 level and it went on penalties after a great set of 0 – 0 draw on that Sunday. This great player came to the place of Argentina on this Monday and he has stopped the comments which were been passed on him regarding his great resignation from the team for all the international matches. He has said that it is an abrupt resignation from the great national team and it is the decision which has been made after he has lost the match with the great team in the Copa tournament which went in America.

It is the final match with the great team Chile and the reports are saying that a great dozens of emotional fans are highly wearing his suit which is white and the light sky blue jerseys which this player wears in the national team and it is made with the number 10 which is said to be the Messi number and the report also says that the people highly waited for the rain to convey their regrets and the team is highly expecting to arrive back from the tournament from the United states.

The fans are highly aggressive with their lovely player and the reports are saying that some of the fans moved behind the van of the national team after they heard the news of the great player. It is also said that the great Argentina’s president has given this news to the reporters that he has also not expected this news from the player in the football game. It is said that it is a very great request which is been given by the president of the country which is Argentina to reconsider the decision which is been taken by this great player who is mentioned above. It is also the decision which is been said by all the players and also the fans of the football.

This great player has given the latest announcement that he will highly try to reconsider the entire request which is given by the people and also the president and the fans are eagerly waiting for the result very eagerly and the football world is now turning towards this great player.