Relaxed training for Neymar and Brazil in Sochi

Relaxed training for Neymar and Brazil in Sochi

Posted on July 7, 2024 by in Football

We were able to attend this Tuesday, June 12, a rather relaxed training on the ground for Brazil. Sochi will even be the scene of a particular hazing for Neymar who will see defenders Thiago Silva and Marcelo break an egg on his head..

Brazilian training in Sochi

We could witness the traditional jogging at the trot, but also something more unusual, lighter and more fun this morning on the stadium lawn. Indeed, it will be a smuggling in good form, under the watchful eyes of enthusiastic supporters, that Neymar will suffer today when his team from Brazil and he made their first training in Russia.

But while they are just 5 days from their entry into the World-2018, the selection was not too busy during this public session which will be particularly relaxed at just 48 hours of their landing in the seaside town of the south of the country.

A training under many eyes

So this morning the Brazilians walked for the very first time the lawn of the small Yug-Sport stadium. And they will, however, in front of no less than 5,000 spectators come En masse to support them in the stands. A memorable appointment that even forced the stadium to force spectators to the entrance, forcing hundreds of others, unable to access the stands, to massage on the ramp of the expressway overlooking the ground. For each one of them will be born hoping to see Neymar and his partners.

Neymar the indispensable

While the team was training under a hot sun, the name of the attacker was chanted several times by the public. Assistance that did not fail to wave many Brazilian flags, but also Russian. But just like his teammates, the star player of the PSG did not really forced this Tuesday morning. Players are not yet in incumbent mode to officially face their first Cup match. He will multiply the stretches with a physio, lying on the lawn, just to spare his fracture to a bone of the right foot he had suffered last February. Neymar finally replayed at the beginning of June and showed that he was present at the match against Croatia (2-0), with a goal scored just out of the bench, then a second goal with a first starting Sunday against the Austria (3-0).

Goalkeeper Alisson Becker will comment about it at a press conference: “He feels good and I think the way to convalescence was perfect. He fully recovered clinically even if at first he had to be careful, he was apprehensive, but that’s normal. We tried to protect him in training and gradually he became confident. We need Neymar on the ground. “.

But if the Brazilian player wore on Tuesday morning a blue bandage, at the right foot, it must be admitted that this did not prevent him from accelerating on the ground. He will even manage to escape a partner who was heckling him. Promising if you want to bet online on Brazil or this player at the World Cup on Unibet!

Brazilian pancakes

Good atmosphere and atmosphere at the party. Here is what could summarize what was felt during this first training of the Selecao on Russian soil. Philippe Coutinho, who was celebrating his 26th birthday on Tuesday morning, will not be able to escape from what remains a Brazilian tradition…

The offensive midfielder of FC Barcelona will then undergo a small hazing based on crushed egg on the skull, all sprinkled with flour and especially in a good-natured atmosphere, under the look and the general enthusiasm of a public who laughed well and especially applauded when a young intruder ran on the lawn to go take a picture with his idols.

A nice odds for Neymar

During this training, Neymar was also able to note that its popularity rating in Russia was as strong as on Bwin and rather good looking. In fact, the service was then forced to intervene quickly and firmly to contain the human mass that was forming around him as he approached the platform to sign some autographs.

For the future, however, it will take a little more serious, because the entry in the running of the Selecao, five-time world champion, is scheduled for Sunday in Rostov. She will face Switzerland for the fight in Group E, before facing Costa Rica on June 22 in St. Petersburg, then to finish Serbia in Moscow on June 27.

It’s time to check the odds of all your favorite players and to watch especially that of Neymar who may well allow you to win fabulous winnings on the sports betting sites that you are used to refer to as bookmakers for this next world.

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