Reel Keeper Casino Game Review

Reel Keeper Casino Game Review

Reel Keeper Casino game is the latest slot of Red Tiger. It has some unique features and functions in it. The presence of graphics in the slot machine is imposing for all the gamblers of the casino. There are many options for a user to draw the maximum payout. Reel Keeper game has consisted of pay-lines, betting range, symbols, multipliers, stacks and other features. The volatility and RTP are the two primary sources in any slot for getting highest rewards at the end of the game.

Reel Keeper can use as online in the entire world of casino. You have a choice to enjoy the casino slot as online or at the fixed casino stations. The numbers of gambler are increasing from the last ten years. You can also try to check your luck in gambling.

Functions in the Slot Machine

Reel Keeper casino game has five reels and ten pay-lines in it. They have a significant role in the entire working of the game. We cannot deny the importance of the casino game. The gambler will depress after knowing the minimal amount of Return to the player. Only 93% figure has not too much for the lovers of gambling. All the other casino games posted more and more amount to gain the market. The role of wilds and free spin would be significant for users. We can draw the maximum amount of final jackpot in the absence of progressive jackpot.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting started from only $0.10 to the maximum of $100 that is too impressive figures. You have a choice to cover a single line with a small amount or all the edges. Lower values changed into higher value by doing appropriate methods options. Betting pairs have been available at the bottom side of the entire casino machine. I suggest to the gamblers that do not pick any wrong combination of betting amount for a positive result. You have a maximum choice jackpot of 5000x in the form stacks.  It has average volatility.

How to Play Reel Keeper Casino Game?

Reel Keeper will depend upon the wilds of Dragon the reels of casino slot. The role of fantasy option has also raised the value of symbols. You can make all combinations and pairs on the 5th reel, which is too valuable. Dragon will use in every couple of reels and combos. The symbols moved from one place to another to make the real substitute for better payout at the end game. All the area of the game will cover through all kinds of symbols and functions. At the initial stage, you can draw only 1,000x, but with time, it will increase. A gambler used all the ten pay-lines as an alternate to gain maximum rewards.

The presence of Dragon in the form of Eggs will start to scatter on all the reels. It released more and more spins and trigger. This trigger begins to get more re-trigger features at the average time of the game. You must know all the behavior of different kinds of symbols for better output. Reel Keeper is a beautiful slot to get maximum jackpot and payout also. We have never seen such type of game with the addition of progressive jackpot in the game area. The theme information will add more knowledge for the betterment of the user’s role.

The Theme of Reel Keeper Game

The theme of the game showed some fantasy work in the slot machine. All the functions and features have various graphics to cover all the locations of the game. Different styles of wilds and regular symbols are enough to raise the value of a slot machine. The symbols of Dragon Treasures, Wilds, Tooth, royals and others posted too much attraction in the working of game. The theme of any sport always has a significant impact on the role of area.


Reel Keeper has a progressive jackpot in it, but there is not any option of mega ways. The amount of RTP is meager. Final rewards are competent to gain the users of casino. It has enormous options and choices in all the area of working.  Try it to get prizes and output as per your efforts.