Rediscover the fantastic creatures of Chi beasties with the official sequel to the Yggdrasil slot

Rediscover the fantastic creatures of Chi beasties with the official sequel to the Yggdrasil slot

After the success of the Chi beasties slot machine, Yggdrasil Gaming announced the launch of a suite with Chi beasties 2. According to the first tests and the reputation of this developer, we have not too much doubt about the quality of this future online slot.

The return of the fantastic creatures of Chi beasties

Yggdrasil Gaming news is particularly busy lately. The firm announced the development of the slot machine The Beauty and the Beast, whose story has been popularized by Walt Disney. Indeed, the narrative was recently adapted to the cinema.

At the same time, Yggdrasil touched on the ICE conference in February with brilliance and pocketed a reward for its ability to constantly innovate in the market. As to confirm this award, the company shared its new feature – Fusion Realms – which allows to have several different roller structures on the same slot machine.

So it was after all that that Chi beasties 2 was announced, with a superb kinematics introduction (to see here). Chi beasties 2 offers 5 reels and 20 paylines in an enchanted forest environment. You will come across various friendly creatures and mushrooms of all colors.

Chi beasties 2 offers four different Realms with expanding realms, spreading realms, teleporting realms and mirroring realms. Each of these game modes corresponds to a precise function of wilds.

“We continue to develop our portfolio of slot machines, this time with the return of our adored Chi beasties characters. The operation of the game is completely new compared to the previous one and it has the depth that can be expected for a game of this quality. The four wild features that bring together six combos give players the ability to find their favorite game mode. “Said Jonas Strand man.

Chi beasties 2 was developed in HTML5, meaning that it is compatible mobile without problems, in addition to PC supports. It is available on the entire Yggdrasil online casinos, including the excellent Extra Casino.