Red Star’s last game

Red Star’s last game in European League

Hard basketball performance in the 13th round of ABA league between the Krka and Red Star after a thrilling battle belonged to Serbs. Belgrade this are in the Hall of Leon Štukelj a better second half glorified 71:65, even though the home defender Luka Lapornik in the last two minutes, which scored 9 points.

Exact Šentjurčan was 17 points (meth for two 5: 6, three 1: 2, free throws 4: 4) Finally, the first shooter game, but he had too little playful teammates to victory against high-profile opponent. With 12 points, followed by a center Jure Lalic. In the increasingly diverse guests are the 13 points achieved Stefan Jovic and Maik Zirbes, 10 but Branko Lazic and Vladimir Štimac that was precise in particular in the key moments of the game.

Krka better in the first, Zvezda in the second half

Novo mesto are nervous introduction, when the first piece of the home until the middle of the fourth minute of the match contributed Ive Ivanov, took the initiative on the ground and in the first half kept things firmly in their hands. After the introductory behind 0: 3 is their highest priority in paragraphs ten minutes after the pain Jure Lalić Tower was five points (17:12) in the second quarter was slightly increased. No more than nine points difference (26:17 and 31:22), but the red-and-white to the main break again returned to bearable deficit to five points (40:35).

What followed was a complete blackout visitors who started the second half with a partial loss 0: 8 and was released after a long time ahead of the deadline. In the third quarter, in preference never returned, even if the competitors kept to a minimum difference. Before the last ten minutes on the clock Index 51:50 Room.

Luka Lapornik is the introduction to the final quarter of the shoots for 52:51, but it was the last lead Novomeščanov. Four consecutive free throws shoots Stefan Jovic, then the troika said Marko Simonovic, partial loss 9: 0 for the home team has completed Vladimir Štimac. Belgrade this is a good five minutes before the end of the game suddenly led by eight points difference, which was too much of a mouthful for Krka employees.

After lagging behind with -10 (55:65) were indeed still managed a little closer – five consecutive points to halve the difference reached Lapornik – a minute after the break with two free throw Štimac answered. Playful Lapornik is home to the new Four Points won one last chance (65:68), but the last three free throws in the match Štimac shoots and dispelled doubts about the winner.

Krka is the seventh defeat remained tied with Tajfunom in the middle of the scale, Red Star was the 10th victory again jumped just below the summit, to another location. Before it is only Podgoriąka Budućnost by Saturday hosting just put in Novo Mesto.