Record for Nuggets

Record for Nuggets

Record for Nuggets, but a negative one

A total transformation for George Karl’s team when you compare them with the same team two seasons ago, where the Nuggets won 57 games in the regular season and played one of the most attractive basketball in NBA. Ever since their defeat from the Warriors that year, everything is going bad for them. Things couldn’t have gone worse for the Nuggets in their Wednesday 130-113 defeat against the Trail Blazers, but what happened to them in the first half is even worse than the final score itself. Denver managed to score 84 points in the first half, which is the most since Warriors scored 84 vs. Toronto Raptors on March 25, 2011. And the record is 94 in the 2nd half and it is held by Portland who played Denver on January 10, 1991.

The fear that was obvious in the eyes of Nuggets’ opponents, but that fear is long gone. After winning the first game in the season over Detroit, they have lost six in a row. They lost to 11 points against Thunder squad, 22 points against the Kings. And what’s deplorable is that the Nuggets put 116.5 points per game during those six lost games. The strange thing is that the Nuggets have talent. They have Ty Lawson is a good talented point guard, Aaron Affalo almost All-Star last year. Kenneth Faried excellent in the USA team in the summer. It is still early in this season, things may turn around for them. DaniloGallinari, having missed many games because of a knee injury, may soon be on both feet and that will be a big bonus for the Nuggets.

The fans are getting frustrated at their team’s stars, hoping they can turn around and do as many winning streak as they lost so far.

While the Nuggets are struggling to win a game, the Rockets have Dwight Howard, and his 22 points and 10 rebounds against Minnesota Timberwolves (113-101) At Arena Ciudad de Mexico, in Mexico City, who returned after missing the first game against Golden State Warriors. This game was the first regular-season game to be played outside America since 1997. Howard commented that it was a short trip but he was amazed by the atmosphere in Mexico created by the 18,996 fans, and said that he came with revenge here, because last time he lost there and wanted to come over and give them a payback. James Harden put 23 points and 10 assists, only 8 from the field. Trevor Ariza added 19 points and a career high 14 for the Greek Kostas Papanikolau for the Huston Rockets. Now they are tie for the best record in the western conference. Dwight Howard says that the motivation for the best team of the year is present in their training and games, and he added that they want to hold the trophy at the end of the year, that’s what they talk about every day.