Real Madrid left Simeone

Real Madrid left Simeone

Real Madrid left Simeone again to the edge of glory

There was a changing game behind the last scene. They both knew in detail what would be the main key to this end: there was no room even for the smallest of errors . They are known so that any small concession could generate this tremendous gap that separates the glory of disenchantment. So braved the match. They tried to hang the risky situations on defense. And they put as expected: as if every ball was the last of each of their lives.

The second, also controversial, was significant: after free kick from the right of Kroos, Bale nodded without discomfort, imbalance generated brands, came Sergio Ramos and goal . The one to zero. It seemed an off side of the executioner of the late Aleti. But it is also true: what came before it was grabbing advance. In any case, a play to see a thousand times on television and continue to doubt and discussion.

The party had another feature: the intensity of the insiders and the outsiders. Also complaints before each physical contact. But there was no dispute that gladiatorial alleged statements suggesting coaches. Even beyond each “eeeeehhhhh” thunderous which started from the two headers to each player who fell on the floor. And another: the difficulties Simeone team to unbalance. Only a handful of shots from outside (from Koke, Juanfran, Griezmann), but all without much danger. It was an impression in some way: with five triple recoil end, Zidane put them in a web that is not expected . Or, at least, he was unable to solve.

And in the match details, Atletico Madrid on his first arrival to the outside area in the second half found an excellent chance to equalize. Pepe clumsiness, contact Fernando Torres, criminal debatable. And then, Griezmann , the most effective weapon Cholo- stood in front of Keylor Navas. Strong, middle. Crosspiece. And both sides: the outbreak of White, the pain of the mattress.

But the Aleti kept going, the more euphoria Cholo asked them to outline, in the field of game-and Augusto Fernandez Carrasco for the team ahead, had another clear chance he could not define Torres, another shot of Koke, an arrival thoroughly ill-defined by Saul. The accuracy in the final meters, the factor that so often solves parties, final and stories, to say this again. With his absence, justified Atletico was not tied.

But Atletico fight always has a thousand lives. No delivery or in the worst storms. When Real Madrid had missed two clear chances, when it seemed to fall into the torpor that proposed archrival, Atletico returned to his own: to compete until the last of Sighs. On the right was the team that seemed broken, beaten, Juanfran threw a great cross and appeared in the Carrasco area, Cholo bet for the second time. Gol, draw and hold for the last eleven minutes. And for what came soon: the extra time.