Real Madrid in history

Real Madrid in history

An unforgettable goal. An incredible miracle. An epic triumph. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the famous Valencia-Real Madrid that closed the season 82-83 fulfilled. One afternoon for history full of strong emotions. Mestalla was the scene of a grand finale. All it seemed lost. and the drama was presumed, however, the miracle was wrought and the day ended with a happy ending. Valencia CF, colistas before starting the clash, avoided relegation thanks to his victory and the favorable combination of four results. Real Madrid, led by Di Stefano, had all the pronouncements to sing the alirón since they had only to draw.

Impeccable header to Miguel Tendillo off Pablo’s corner became the goal of salvation. Was still playing the first part, there was little to rest, and the central Moncada broke the goal of Augustine who was the nephew of Pereira, the hero of Valencia three years ago on penalties in the final of Heysel. Mestalla exploded. Except -close 7000- Madrisistas of champions already seen, the rest of those present held both irrepressible euphoria. By that afternoon, it was beginning to make the dream of salvation in which only the most optimistic believed reality.

Valencia all had sprained her until that Sunday May 1. On the previous day he had lost in Vigo 2-1 with an unhappy arbitration Sanchez Arminio. The Galicians, direct rivals in the fight against relegation, won thanks to a dubious penalty. Balaídos avoided poles three times the goal the team led by Koldo Aguirre and, moreover, Mario Kempes saw a yellow card that prevented him from playing a decisive match against Real Madrid. A significant drop coming to confirm the bad luck of a season full of adversity. There was still another. The worst, no doubt. Rafa Garcia, the team trainer and had seven seasons at the club, died suddenly at his home because of a massive heart attack. A considerable psychic blow that shocked the workforce and an environment with morale at rock bottom.

Di Stefano’s team needed his win and four more results, and all were given in favorValencia started the final day in 1983 and finished bottom club cataclysmic salvation

Cemetery at Mestalla. Four days before the crucial date, the coaches and players were inducted into one of the most bitter in fighting the most to offer memory Rafa triumph and salvation workouts. All it seemed lost in advance but there was still a combination saving grace at Valencia. Only one possibility he served the Mestalla, was this: Valencia win against Real Madrid, Atletico against Racing in the Calderon of Valladolid Zorilla against Celta, Athletic de Bilbao in Las Palmas and not recorded the tie in Pamplona between Osasuna and Barcelona. The perfect astral conjunction occurred between scares and threats of faintness. Nobody who was there I may have forgotten.

All matches started at half past five, but suffered a delay of five minutes claim the players ‘ union. The tension was cut into the atmosphere. In the stands there were some scuffles between fans of both teams. It was the prelude to the flood of emotions that hit them those present. Radios were the winners of the evening with their programs of simultaneous connections. Soon they began to arrive discouraging news. Minute 3: Racing goal in Madrid and Las Palmas in the Insular. Low blow just three goals tinged by the Valladolid chained in less than half an hour and because the club already lost in El Sadar. In Mestalla, Valencia was slightly superior to a conservative rival.

Interestingly, Tendillo had achieved the first goal of this strange exercise in the match against Barcelona which ended with a 2-1 win and author would be the last against Madrid. Valencia was over a powerful championship at home to all great except the Athletic team, but a disaster on the go: two draws and fifteen defeats was the balance. The decoration of the evening was arranging as time passed: the lions of San Mames, league title contenders, rallied in Las Palmas with authority. All he was getting ahead of the valencianistas. Suddenly, the last help he needed began to occur, the set of Luis Aragones gave him back the scoring against the Cantabrians who had stayed with a man less. At that time they were taking all the necessary markers for the Valencia be saved. Mestalla became a madhouse and match an ordeal.