Ramnaresh Sarwan set to withdraw from international cricket

Ramnaresh Sarwan set to withdraw from international cricket

Ramnaresh Sarwan was a former captain of West Indies. He is set to publicize his departure from international cricket. Sarwan’s last international contest was an ODI against India all through the 2013 Champions Trophy at the Oval. Further, he has made 286 international emergences for West Indies in his profession.

Ramnaresh Sarwan who is 36 years old made his first-rate entrance for Guyana next to Barbados in the Red Stripe Cup. The contest was held on 1995-96 and he played the foremost of his 87 tests four years later on. Sarwan scored 84 and 11 against Pakistan in Barbados in May 2000. In his 28th match, he hit his maiden Test century alongside Bangladesh in Dhaka. Further, he cemented step by step his position at No. 3 in West Indies’ Test line-up.

He proved his one of the best performances in May 2003 and it was a home test next to Australia in Antigua. Ramnaresh scored a vital 105 at No. 5 to assist West Indies run after down. He tried his best to beat the score of 418 which is the highest victorious 4th innings chase in test cricket. In addition, he followed that up by gaining 393 runs in South Africa in his 4th test series.

Sarwan’s fourteen of this fifteen test centuries arrived at No. 3 position enclosing a professional best 291 next to England in Barbados in 2009.  Ramnaresh’s record from 60 matches is 4197 runs and he is the third highest scorer among West Indies batsmen. His performance was equal to Richie Richardson. Overall, Ramnaresh having attained 5842 runs in 87 tests and he will complete with a test standard of 40.01.

His last contest in the format arrived in Barbados next to India in 2011. Ramnaresh Sarwan made his ODI first appearance on the journey of England in July 2000. In addition, he also earned a good reputation and status as a finisher. Sarwan spent his almost 13 years for his career and he admired his fans in high range. Further, he also played a crucial part in West Indies series in July 2004.

Sarwan was the second major run scorer with 166 runs in the Champions Trophy in 2004. He is at a standard of 83 and he played three different World Cups on behalf of West Indies in the year 2003, 2007 and 2011. He was scored 739 runs and he also lost his position in the ODI against India after a home series.

Due to unsatisfactory fitness, he was slashed from the agreement list in 2010. He was consequently crashed from the ODI series before being evoked for the World Cup at 2011. Sarwan was selected for a home test series against India and Pakistan after a break of almost 18 months.