Rainbow Riches and its advantages

Rainbow Riches and its advantages

In a game where the Leprechaun helps you achieve you dream by finding the gold at the end of the rainbow, you have a chance to win prices like you have never seen before, by playing this slot game. This 5 reel, 20-payline slot game where you are guided by the lucky mate of yours offers a pleasant time spent where you can end up grabbing the jackpot as well as the other cool prices that are there.

Rainbow Riches is a game where you have to match three four or five bonus symbols just like any slot machine that is out there on the market to be able to grab any of the prizes.

With matching three or above, you are eligible for playing the Road to Riches, and you are actually on your way to the top of the game. All you have to do now is press the spin button and hope you can trigger your luck just in time before the slot machine stops spinning. Multiplayer awards follow after the “collect” symbol has been selected where on the other hand the other awards depend and are proportional to the number of the symbols that you managed to stake.

The Rainbow Riches slot machine game offers something that none other slot machine does, and that is the Pots of Gold Scatter. The game itself has another bonus level if you manage to buy or win the Pots of Gold Scatter, where you are eligible to play one more level, thus your chances of being a winner in this game are much larger than the rest of the slot machine games. The Pots of Gold Scatter are available on the second third and fourth reels where you have to match three, four or five symbols to take the bonus. Following the gold pots are also silver and bronze pots, that also win you prizes but a little less than the 1st Pots of Gold bonus price.

The easiest game to play, Rainbow Riches, where the Leprechaun helps you get through the rainbow to the pot of gold at the end of it, is a game with highest impact in the world of Slot Machines. More and more players are registering on daily basis for this absolute hit game, where thanks to the huge bonuses and three, four and five symbols wins, chances for you to be the winner are much greater than those of the regular slot machines that you can find around the casinos of online. Check the Gold Pots and the jackpot bonuses that you can win, and join the thousand already satisfied customers of the game.

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