Questions surround

Questions surround

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Questions surround impending free agency on Ndamukong

It was Charles Woodson in 2006, Reggie White in 1993 and Deion Sanders in 1994 and ’95. This is the territory Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh is proceeding to. He is anticipated to be one of the most talented defensive free-agent in the league history when it comes to signings. There will be plenty of Suitors which is a fact according to three league sources that are familiar with teams that are looking for defensive line tune-ups in this offseason.

The source indicates that there might be more than 10 teams that are seeking to offer a titanic pitch to Suh. This includes the current team Suh is in; The Lions. The team has the option of restructuring a couple of contracts and retaining the 4-time All-Pro through a franchise tag. The $26.7 million price for 2015 might be crippling but the Detroit has the option on the table. The coach for the team in a report said on Monday that Suh was a top priority to the franchise.

In case Suh goes to the open market, top teams in play would be Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns. These three teams are expected to have the most cash in spending for the free agency. The New York Jets would be expected to show their interest but the talent procurement plans are appearing to be in limbo with the general manager and head coach. The falcons might as well be interested in this but this could be in flux with their lack of a head coach.

What are the main issues governing on who will land Suh?

Money is one factor and it is believed that Sexton will look into making Suh one of the highest paid defence players by exceeding 6 year $100 million deal which was signed by Houston Texans and J. J. Watt.

The other thing to be put into consideration will be the behaviour. Suh has had a couple of embarrassing incidents in the field and some off the field. This means there will be a question on his character.

Motor discussions will be carried out and if you can recall, behind the scenes of Haynesworth and Julius Peppers, and questions on what will be done if he gets the league-shaping deals. He will not be in a position to overcome this even though Suh rarely seemed to coast when he was in Detroit.

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