Price for the players given in the game of tennis

Price for the players given in the game of tennis

There are many interesting games which are found and the most interesting and also the important game is said to be tennis. This is the game which is been played all over the world and it is said to be the most interesting game. There are both men and also the women team which can be seen in this tennis. There are many great tennis players who are found all over the world and it is because of their tireless practice and also because of their passion towards this great game which is named as tennis.

There are many different prices which are been given to the players in this tennis and recently there is a very huge amount of cash price which is been given to the very great player in tennis. A tournament which is been conducted recently and the tournament is now ready to offer a price amount or money which is nearly 46.3 million and it is said to be the great total price which is been given to the tennis player for the competition which held this year and it is said to be the great price which can be never seen in the history of this great tennis. This is the year which is said to be the great year for this tennis game and it is said that the price amount is a very great valuable amount for the players.

This kicks in the day of 29th August and this is the news which is been announced by the great US tennis association in this past Tuesday. The result and the surveys say that it is said to the the hike for about 10% when compared to the last years pool. It is also said that this was already a very great Lucrative for the sports four great tournaments which are named as slam tournament and this also includes the great Australian open and also the great French Open tennis along with the great Wimbledon tennis, This is also said to be the great paying competition in the country of US and it is said to be a very great history in the field of tennis.

The news also says that under the great US open’s new award structure, the men and the women singles champions will be said to be receiving the amount of 3.5 million each and then there is also price money for the runners which is said that the great runners will get nearly 1.7 million. Then it is also said that all the each in the top eight finishers will receive a portion of the great purse with the smallest singles prize which is said to be 43,300.
The reports are also saying that there is a very highly and also attractive benefit for the great doubles and the doubles will take nearly 625,000 to their home and the runners in this doubles will greatly take nearly 310,000 to their home. The prices are being offered to the great seventh place team and it will also get nearly 15,150.

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