Premier League matches

Premier League matches

Posted on May 28, 2024 by in Football
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In this fixture of the Premier League there will be 8 duels, and I will explain four of them in this article. Let’s start with the one who will be played first, and that is the:

West Bromwich Albion – Arsenal

Arsenal is certain Favorite in this game, and let’s see why. WBA is currently on the 13th position on the table, while Arsenal stands on the 8th place with less performance than expected, but again has more victories than WBA in the last 5 matches. The Host WBA only managed to cheer victory against Leicester on 01.11. Arsenal is not much better, they have only one more win in the last five matches, and that is against Burnley and Borussia Dortmund. Last five duels when they played with each other are in the favor of Arsenal, with three victories for the North London team and two draws.

On the other hand, even tho Arsenal is the favorite in this game, they are struggling with injuries of key players in their team, such as Walkott, Arteta, Wilshare, Ozil, Debuchi, Koschelny. All of them regular starters in Arsenal team, and add the first goalkeeper Sczcezny, who received an injury in the duel against Manchester United.

If things go according to plan, Arsenal should win this battle anyways, because there are Alexis Sanchez powered by Wellback, GiroudCazorla and Ramsey, but not as easy as it would have been if all players could play for the Gunners.

Burnley – Aston Villa

After the miserable start that Barnley experienced in his debut season in the Premier league, he finally managed to win two times, in a row, in the last two games, and their coach says that the energy that the team possesses now can move mountains, so what should Aston Villa present, with zero wins in the last five matches? It’s up to us to see. Aston Villa maybe doesn’t have any victories in the last five games, but has a goalless drowagains the No.2 Southampton, who has been a threat to everybody in the premier league ever since the season started. There wasn’t a match where they did not put the ball in the enemy’s net, and Aston Villa seemed to surprise everyone.

On the other hand Burnley’s last victory against Aston Villa is in 2004, after that Aston Villa had victory in the 2005, 2010 and 2010 again. Draw result was in 2009 as it was the last time that Burnley hosted the claret and blue jersey boys.

It should be an interesting match with lots of action that the hosts are supposed to win.

Queen’s Park Rangers – Leicester

The fight for survival will be present on Saturday as the last and the third last on the table, both newcomers, are meeting to taste their strength. Leicester leads in the duels with QPR with the result of 3:2, but QPR has 1 win in comparison the 0 wins of Leichester in the last 5 matches. Let’s see how the game will be.

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