Premier league last week

Premier league last week

The main “culprits” for this are Swansea and West Ham who beat Arsenal and Tottenham and thus “help” Claudio Ranieri and his protégés to retain his forehead table. So after 28 rounds with 57 points, three more than “singer” and six more than “Gunner.”

“The Hammers” the job against city rivals already finished in the seventh minute when Antonio, the assistance Paje his goal, a network of Hugo Lloris was shaking in 44 minutes, but the shot Kujatea disallowed for offside.

Everything went well after the match Arsene Wenger when Campbell in the 15th minute put his team ahead, but it is already Rutledge after 32 minutes to level the score. The final score and the victory of “swans” brought skipper Williams after 74 minutes. It is interesting that Sanchez five minutes before that had a good chance, but his shot stopped by the crossbar.

Aleksandar Mitrovic in the field spent 84 minutes, but his Newcastle lost to Stoke with 1: is 0. Goal worth three points brought Shaqiri 80 minutes.

Had Liverpool played three days ago as it is today on the “Anfield” cup League Cup would have been in their hands, well managed “sweet” to revenge Manchester City – 3: is 0. Manuel Pellegrini returned to Joe Hart’s goal, and the English goalkeeper three times had to pick the ball out of the net.

From start to finish the troop Jürgen Klopp played fantastic, had posed, created chances, especially in the mood for the game were the Lalana and Firmino. Both were the scale, after a goal and an assist, scored a goal and James Milner. Serbian midfielder Aleksandar Kolarov was substituted after 74 minutes, but the only thing he managed to do was deliberately struck by John Flanagan and his nose bleed.

This is the third consecutive defeat of City in the Premier League and have 47 points, ten less (and a sword less) compared to the leading Lester, while Liverpool has 41 points, six fewer than City and United, who hold the fourth and fifth place.

They tortured the “red devils” against Watford, but managed to reach the victory after 83 minutes, but the shooter was not Rasford, but Juan Mata.

According to our site, jackpot bet online, and your favorite news site – all from football to cricket and the major sports, we think that the premier league is by far one of the most interesting leagues, that almost everybody has a chance of winning. This season we saw that Leicester has the passion to do so, despite the fact that their whole team may not be worth as much as even one player of some of the major teams. They have proven that it needs 1 year to get back from relegation battle to title winning battle, and that everything is possible in this league.