Pop Rocks Casino Game Review

Pop Rocks Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Pop Rocks Casino Game Review

Pop Rocks Casino Slot Game developed by the Yggdrasil scheduled to release in March 2020 for the users of casinos. The slot added the Pop Wins in the game to amuse the players with the Avatar UX which is too inspired. You can get high wins with the top payout from the free spins and rounds. The review of the game consisted of the reels, betting range, payout, stacks, multipliers, and no deposit options.  The detail of the functions and features will help you to eliminate the faults which have done by you in the past.

Pop Rocks casino games can be enjoyed through the Android smartphone with the addition of the applications and the software for running it. People will like to do online betting for the Pop Rocks Casino game rather than to play in the fix places.


At the start of the slot gameplay, there will be 5 reels and 486 ways of winning but with the passage of the time, this figure will change into 33,614. While the payout with no progressive jackpot fixed with the 72,188x like the top jackpot. The Return to the Player posted by the developer of the game is up to 96.80% to amuse the gamblers of the casino. The slot has the significant symbol of the Pop wins to release many prizes for the gamblers of the casino. While the multipliers and the Bonus Mode is the next helpful options for the wagers also.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting can be watched at the bottom of the slot screen where you can find the minimum figures for betting of only $0.10 to the $30 which told that all the gamblers could be the part of the slot. But, it is not easy to overcome on the functions of the slot due to some complications in it. The Payout of the 72,188x the stake would be a favorable amount for the lovers of casinos all over the world. Furthermore, the presence of the RTP, free spins rewards and multipliers are the addition to the amount of the payout.

RTP and payout with the betting options are the main keys for any slot which can gather the players of the casino from all the areas.

How to Play

The most interesting and new option in the slot is the location of the Pop wins which will give you additional symbols and rows. It will also release the mighty wins and payout by gathering in the whole.

To get the work of the Pop, you needed to get the required symbols to make the combo from it. More than 7 symbols would be present on the reels which could increase the number of ways up to the 33,616 for the players of the casino.

To make the combinations and pairs, Pop Wins symbol can pick the new symbols for it from the gemstone of the high vale to draw the 250x the stake. You can get up to the 2,500x the stake from the Pop wins option in the gameplay.

To get the free bonus, multipliers, trigger, free round, stacks, no deposit option by gathering the Pop symbols. There is no limit for it and you do it many times. If you land 7 symbols on the reels at the right place then no kind of problem for you to stop to get the bonus more. It is the best product of the Yggdrasil to pick the maximum.


Pop Rocks, Royals and Gemstone are the main presence in the slot which is too attractive for the player. But, the option of the graphics with the unique features can gain the users for it. Overall, the theme of the slot is a good one in the modern era of the casino.


You can find some kind of fun, enjoyment, and payout from the slot of the Pop Rocks. It is the unique feature and function product by the Yggdrasil in 2020. Do not skip the game if you want to fill his pocket with the coins.