Playtech’s new LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE for the festival

Playtech’s new LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE for the festival

With every passing day, the great Christmas festival is getting closer and closer. So it is really the time, that the players in the online casinos, besides the whole Advent calendars and special promotions before the festivals, is also something special with real Christmas flair is offered, with which they also with the gamble get a comfortable stomach feeling. And right here comes one of the largest providers of the world of casino games for the so popular virtual playhouses, namely Playtech. The developer, who is based on the small island between Ireland and Great Britain, the Isle of Man, wants to put his customers in the mood just before Christmas and will therefore offer numerous roulette tables in the absolute Christmas Overkill-Look, with everything belongs.

From the 16th of December, the Santa Claus is governing the roulette

The special LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE tables will be launched on December 16th, and will be available in all Playtech live casinos. According to Kevin Ki minster, head of department for the company’s innovation live casino, the people responsible have made a lot of effort this year to get the players in the right mood before Christmas. Not only will the individual tables of the LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE shine in complete, festive style, but also the live dealers will be given the ball in the matching colors red and white, with all sorts of extravagant headdresses. All this important subject of Christmas, its symbolism and the associated expectation, are subordinated.

Playtech continues to expand its live casino division

The present delivery of a special LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE just before the beginning of the festival of love, is the consistent continuation of the increased interest of Playtech, since the beginning of the year in the area of ​​the live casino. First, PRESTIGE ROULETTE brought a new product into the online casino, which brought a fresh momentum into Playtech’s own portfolio through a lot of neon light and a futuristic look. The success, which was not long in coming, inevitably resulted in the branch PRESTIGE BACCARAT last month. In addition to the new modern game environment for the fans of the classic games, the increase in the number of cameras, which are now much better to capture the game and faster rounds, were the decisive factors for the success of the new series in the Playtech casinos. The new HTML5 LIVE ROULETTE, which was specially adapted to the needs of the mobile casino, was also positive for the players and finally allowed the customers in the virtual playing halls to play with their smartphone both horizontally and vertically done on a screen, without unnecessary scrolling, to overlook. With two new products, with brand new look and a completely new game for the mobile casino, Playtech could this year many lovers of Live Casino make a joy and LIVE CHRISTMAS ROULETTE may well as the last little icing in this area of Playtech Its own customers this year.