Playtech has now also a prestige baccarat at the start

Playtech has now also a prestige baccarat at the start

At Playtech there is again news on games. The company is now following the success of roulette and is now launching a whole prestige suite on the market. With Prestige Baccarat the second game after Prestige Roulette is included in this suite. The experience of the two live casino games is of course very good. A sophisticated game play and an impressive camera in five dynamic views make the players feel like they are really in a real casino.

Unique player experience for all players

With a unique design of the classic baccarat game Playtech has a great game for the live casinos in the online environment created. With five different game angles and action replays, we offer the players a great live baccarat experience that allows the players to be as close to the game as never before. In the middle of the game, instead of playing only on the screen, the slogan for the new baccarat game for Live Casinos is almost the same.

The whole environment in the studio has been remodeled and made even more appealing and authentic. Finally, this area is very important to get the right casino feeling. Prestige Baccarat has got such a backdrop that can really be seen. The focus of the cameras is of course still on the squeeze element in baccarat. This is how the breathtaking experience of this game comes about.

Nearly a year after Prestige Roulette comes Prestige Baccarat

Prestige Baccarat now appears almost exactly one year after Playtech has launched Prestige Roulette on the market. Some may now think that there is too much time in between. But that is exactly what Playtech has used as an advantage. Because the company has developed Prestige Baccarat very intensively in cooperation with licensees, in order to get the best result from it. Previously there were, among other things, customer surveys, which Playtech naturally took advantage of in order to develop a suitable and demanded game.

All in all, players are sure to have the same great game experience they already know from Prestige Roulette. Especially this game has already established itself very well and is very successful because the players not only have the dealer in the best view, but also this feeling of the rolling roulette ball in the roulette kettle particularly presented.

At Playtech one is convinced of the success of Prestige Baccarat

Of course, software manufacturers are always convinced that their own games are going well and run successfully. Even with Playtech that is. The Head of Innovation at Playtech Live, Kevin Kilminster is convinced that Prestige Baccarat will be the best live baccarat game on the market. And the cooperation with the licensees is of course not completely innocent. The new Prestige Baccarat contains great squeeze elements, which are sure to be well received by the players.

For Playtech’s COO, Shimon Akad, the Prestige Baccarat game is now another step for the company to capture the market for the live casino games and to continue to publish many new and great games in the Prestige Suite.