Playing and Gaining Money

Playing and Gaining Money

Playing and Gaining Money without doing Work

Gambling is the game played by the lazy people to gain money without hard work. But the spirit of the game has encouraged many new gamblers to invest the money in an event and to gain double the invested money. This game motivates the younger generation very easily because of earning money without doing work. Once they got attracted towards this gambling activity, then the gamblers could not able to come out this desire since this game is addictive. To move out of this game then self control is needed else it may lead to sick or illness. Gambling damages wealth of a gambler and even loss their entire life. Gamblers are encouraged to play gambling game in order of winning the successively. But the winning in gambling is depending on the luck of the gamblers. Playing gambling is permitted by government in some countries which is called legal act. In some counties government did not appeal to play gambling hence it is an illegal act. Gambling control board invented certain rules and regulation to play gambling game and to be followed while playing.

Gambling is an ancient game originated from Europe and China. Gambling games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack are originated from Europe gamblers and lottery games are originated in China. Gambling game is played in all religion and in Mahabharata a historical war is happened because of playing gambling. In Muslim religion playing gambling is sinful hence sharia law is originated to punish the gamblers who play gambling. The punishment for playing gambling by sharia law for Muslim is one year of prison. Hence playing gambling is sin and addictive game which is harmful to gamblers and make them sick. There are various types of gambling game and they are based on board, dice and card. The table games are frequently played in casinos which are a board game played in top of a table. The table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps are played in casino and also called as board game. The table game which is played in board as poker dealer or croupier who are responsible to control the gamblers.

In recent days the table game is played via internet which is played in a video slot. Table game is also referred as electronic gambling game. The slot machine games are electronic gambling game which is played by spinning the reels. The reels are spanned by pressing button in a slot machine. The winner gets bonus and jackpots which will be displayed on the pay table which is called as a scoring board. The pay line in the slot machine is responsible for winning the gambling game. The dice is the main requirement for playing dice gambling game. The dice as six faces which are either numbered or picture is displayed. Card games are also a gambling game which is played with the cards. There four group in each group there are 13 cards hence the total number of cards in a pack is fifty two. Gambling game is addictive hence beware of playing the game.

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