Players still banned from online casinos

Players still banned from online casinos

Most online casino sites in Belgium are French-speaking sites, governed by a specific gaming regulation. The fact that these Belgian online casinos have sites in French, they generate a large traffic coming from France. But if our French neighbors persist in wanting to play for example on Belgian online casinos, it is not for a question of tastes, but rather because their country bridles them and forbids them access to online casinos on Internet.

An opportunity for to explain the position of France in online gambling and explain why many French players try slots on foreign casinos. And yes as often the repression of serves little purpose since French players continue to play in online casinos despite this legislation.

Reminder of the ban on online casinos in France

This bill was adopted on 13 October 2009 by the deputies of the National Assembly. This project to open online gambling concerns betting ribbons and live betting, mutual betting and poker. However, you should know that games of chance, including slot machines and other online casino games, remain under reserve for hard casinos French. The French Games, meanwhile, retains its monopoly on lotteries, draw games such as keno and scratch games.
Unfortunately France has always been known for its famous clemency which consists of giving on one side and taking back on the other. And it is thus to the bettors of sports bookmakers, horse racing and online poker players, that one asks to pay this new tax indirectly … a tax amount estimated at the time of the implementation of this new regulation , More than 7% for sports betting and 2% for each poker in online poker.

This legislation clearly aims to restrict internet gambling since the project also contained a measure aimed at limiting the redistribution rate of gambling between 80% and 85%, whereas it was between 94% and 98% depending on the type of gambling. The French government then introduced this new ceiling under the pretext of an adequate measure imposed to combat addiction. .

Belgium wants French players

This country has therefore released sports betting and online poker, but has always refused to liberalize online casinos. But what remains even more raging for the French is that the motive always remains the same, namely the intention to preserve the population of a problem of public health and addiction. A little the same worries as with automatic radars that grow like mushrooms. The government considers the French as retarded people who have no will and are influenced to the point of causing their own loss without thinking in playing and losing the money of the home.

Belgian players must be happy not to be among those French citizens who often have to wonder with irony and cynicism why in this case gambling institutions like the FDJ and moreover governed by the French state are exempt Of such restrictions or regulations.

To conclude, we could say that it is particularly difficult to understand these prohibitions in France and this repressive policy, since the pathological paths related to the game are more often due to the way of consuming rather than the game itself … And that their government does not seem to want to see it .