Player claws his jackpot at the Zodiac Casino!

Player claws his jackpot at the Zodiac Casino!

There were the stars for a player at the Zodiac Casino but really good. For as now it became known, already on 14 March 2017 a player there snapped the jackpot at the Mega Moolah jackpot slot, when he zipped with his mobile phone. This jackpot of Microgaming is well-known as always well filled, so that the Good luck over a profit of more than 6.6 million euro was pleased.

A total of more than € 647 million has been paid out to the Progressive Jackpots

If you play in an online casino, of course, would like to win. Whoever claims something else, one can probably assume that he is lying. Especially the Progressive Jackpots is the desire for a huge profit. Finally, with these play casino always very high profits. Now a player in the Zodiac Casino could learn this. After all, the gambler won 6.681.487 euros on the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Mega Moolah and has thus become a multi-millionaire. Madness!

Of course, the lucky winner from the Zodiac Casino is not the first Play casino, who has rewarded himself with a big jackpot and thus financially cared for. Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpots have already paid more than 647 million to lucky winners. And, of course, the Zodiac Casino’s fortune has more in common with the other winners. His profit will, of course, be paid as a lump sum.

Casino Rewards is excited about the new multimillionaire

At Casino Rewards, the joy of the felony named “CF” is great. In the Millionaires Club CF is now the eighth member, which could be welcomed there. And as a felicitous one, one can truly call CF. because he has won the Mega Moolah Jackpot at the Zodiac Casino with the welcome offer of the 80 odds. Each new player gets 80 chances to become a millionaire with only one euro game bet. And CF has really taken full advantage of Fortuna’s chance. After all, he is now richer by more than 6.6 million euros, although he is not the only player in this action who has already been rewarded. This year, there was already a winner who also used one of the 80 odds and became a multi-millionaire, as Emma Hall, the promotions manager at Casino Rewards, confirmed.

Jackpot at the Zodiac Casino: Congratulations also on Microgaming

Certainly, CF has already received a lot of congratulations from the Zodiac Casino for its millionth prize. And of course Microgaming also gave congratulations. And these were directed not only by the game publisher David Reynolds to the fortune but also to the Zodiac Casino. After all, luck has hit this online casino. Since the introduction of the game Mega Moolah ten years ago, this Progressive Jackpot has not only become a popular game, but has also produced some winners, as Reynolds also explained. The largest ever paid jackpot on the Mega Moolah is, however, still the one that was achieved in October 2015. At that time, a good fortune won 7.968.311, 26 euros. And that’s exactly what the Guinness World Record is for the biggest paid jackpot at an online slot.