Play roulette with a no-deposit bonus

Play roulette with a no-deposit bonus

Playtech recently announced the launch of its new HTML5 live roulette game that will be available on all sites on its network.

Europaplay casino big bonus

The new Live Roulette Playtech is now available on the online casino Europaplay, excellent betting popular destination for players who are looking for an elegant setting where security is guaranteed and where the range of games is diverse. With over 400 titles, the casino has arranged to create a perfect combination of classic titles and modern productions designed by Playtech. Its interesting toy library includes options like video poker, scratch cards, craps, card games, baccarat, arcade titles, progressive jackpot games, roulette, blackjack and a fantastic selection of machines As well as securities with live croupiers. French players cannot play on this casino since the Playtech software does not offer its games to France.

The Europaplay casino welcomes new players with a welcome pack consisting of a no-deposit offer of € 10 and a 100% deposit bonus of € 500. There is also a 50% recharge offer at the € 1,000 limit included in this welcome pack.

The new version of live roulette was very well received during the first week of its launch, and players enjoyed longer sessions from all types of devices. This has also had a serious impact on the turnover recorded by accredited operators.

Fantastic entertainment with the new Live HTML5

The new version of Live HTML5 Roulette already offers several advantages and allows players to enjoy a smooth gameplay from all types of devices, whether in landscape or portrait mode. On the other hand, it is also possible to check the bets placed while keeping an eye on the results of the wheel. The extensive testing and feedback provided enabled Playtech to recreate and even reshape some parts, and on arrival it was found that the efforts paid were beyond the expectations of the designer.

About two days after the new HTML5 roulette was launched, the number of players who took advantage of it was equal to the number of players who had played the previous option. It did not take long for the majority of players to upgrade to the HTML5 version. This success is partly due to the simple and easy-to-use interface that allows players to easily access key features. There is also the possibility to have a personalized view of the live action, the presentation of the table and more.

The players on Europa play Casino or other casinos powered by Playtech can expect to enjoy a game of blackjack HTML5 which will be launched shortly and promises a richer gaming experience that will revolutionize the course on table games Mobile devices. We recall that French players cannot play on this casino.