Play movie-themed slot machines during the holidays

Play movie-themed slot machines during the holidays

An original way to enjoy the holiday season is to play slot machines with movie themes. The best ones are listed here.

Apart from Christmas themed games, there are several other types of titles that players can play at this festive time, including film themed slot machines. These are very entertaining options that bring epic moments to film fans. Even those who are not experienced moviegoers can enjoy these titles and be entertained as they should. Here are some of the most popular games in this category:

IGT’s Sex and the City

Sex and the City is the title of a popular TV series that was broadcast on HBO between 1998 and 2004. This series inspired the IGT developer who used it to launch an interesting entertainment option with the same name. With 5 reels and 35 paylines, the in Sex and the City machine offers a range of affordable Paris to suit all types of players. It has been well designed and offers a number of features that enhance the level of entertainment.

Nacho Free from iSOFT Bet

Slot Machine Nacho Libre iSOFT Bet also inspired a hit movie and including US actor Jack Black was the headliner. This game features 10 paylines and 5 reels, and it offers an interesting jackpot that will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy an incredible festive season if you have enough luck to unhook it.

Aliens of NetEnt

The Aliens movie is undoubtedly one of the most popular blockbusters in the world. It is from this production that the developer of casino games NetEnt was inspired to design a game that also enjoyed a great success with the players. This entertainment option is very well designed, featuring 5 reels and 15 paylines, plus an exciting jackpot of 570,000 coins. Aliens has a range of affordable Paris as well as superb playability. This is undoubtedly one of the best themed movie slot machines you can enjoy during this holiday season.

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