Platinum Sportsbooks has been fined $400k

Platinum Sportsbooks has been fined $400k

The technical guru who was behind Hells Angels and controlled the online gambling site get caught and fined C$400k by the Canadian court.

Canadian Police raided a super bowl party which was organized in Markham, Ontario for the Platinum sportsbook customers on February 2013. Actually Platinum sportsbook is a Costa Rica based website which used the toll free phone lines for online credit betting purposes. According to the investigation made by the police, they found that the ring was regulated by the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in Ontario.

Hearing for the case was called on this Monday and Justice John McMahon has handed $400k fine for Gordon Baird since he had an important role in managing the website which belongs to the Hells Motorcycle gang. Gordon Baird is 59 years old and he is found guilty for getting involved in bookmaking and for contributing the processes of an illegal organization.

It is expected that Gordon Baird will get lengthy prison for his activity but due to the lack of convictions Justice John McMahon convinced and gave the punishment of 12 months probation and 18 months house arrest. Actually Gordon Baird has already given the fine amount $50k but still he has to pay the remaining amount. If he fails to pay the amount within the 12 months of time period, he will get the punishment of three years prison. This is order given by the justice John McMahon.

Actually PlatinumSB ring was a setup of classic credit betting and it has number of agents and sub agents. Those agents are having around thousands of clients as sports bettors. Around 3k of those sports bettors has been invited for the party which was held in Markham, Ontario. According the reports given by the police department, the PlatinumSB ring has earned around $103 million in the years 2009 to 2013.

When police arrested the officials of the ring, it was found that $4.6 million has been grossed through illegal betting. The has been blocked by the authorities but within a hour the members in the ring has created a new website. According to the documents submitted in the court, Gordon Baird is considered as the responsible perform for registering the domains which are belongs to the website.

However, Gordon Baird has been punished and the other two important officials of the ring Andrew Bielli and Rob Barletta are also in the same case and they are also included in this crime and the punishment for those people has not been decided.

Due to the arrest of the officials and the prohibition of PlatinumSB the Canadian sports bettors are not able to place any bets in the recent days and the government is very strict in this case. But many of the sports bettors have started to use international online gambling site for place bets and continue their activities.