Pistol shrimps game

Pistol shrimps game

Pistol shrimps game is the most awesome show in Los Angeles for all the basket ball lovers

The name Pistol shrimps may be unusual to coin it to a basket ball team and the fact to wonder is that it is the name of the women’s basket ball team. They have this name since they are fierce and fast like the actual pistol shrimp creature that looks like our finger. The claws of the pistol shrimp are really sharp but what makes it special is that it shoots small bullet like balls against the victim. It shoots bullets in a speed of 60 miles per hour and this is the reason that this creature is named as pistol.

Like pistol shrimp the girls in the pistol shrimp basket ball team are fierce on the field and currently they are playing to win LA City municipal Women’s basket ball league division tournament. The team consists of 13 women with diverse skills like acting, standup comedy, writing, singing and dancing. All of the women in the team have unique skills and all of them has a common skills using which they give a fantastic show.

The team has women with outstanding acting skills using which some of them are acting in TV shows. The girls are brave and bold with skills and confidence to go to any extreme level of playing to win the game. Aubrey Plaza who leads this team is a film and television actress and a comedian. She says that the girls of this team stay cool with each other and it is the togetherness and unity that makes them to be undefeated.

All the team members of Pistol shrimp feel proud that it is the first women’s basket ball league team in Los Angeles and after its formation there are more than 25 women’s basket ball teams in Los Angeles. This is really awesome and the team mates feel that it is really a best experience for them to stay and have fellowship with more than 15 women. They together explore, talk and perform to win the game and to entertain the various audiences through dance and live performance.

The lead player Aubrey says that it is really thrilling to see that the team mates are on fire on the field to stay undefeated and when they are off the field they are the coolest people. She feels happy to be a lead player such a team that shows the real capabilities.

Since there are many singer, songwriter, writer and actors in the team, a documentary about women’s basket ball team and a movie in the name of Pistol Shrimp has been released. This is hitting the news in Los Angeles and the girls become famous overnight for their outstanding skills on the field and off the field. Managing more than one career with sincerity and responsibility shows that the girls of Pistol Shrimps are a great lesson.