Pink Elephants 2 Casino Game Review

Pink Elephants 2 Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Pink Elephants 2 Casino Game Review

Pink Elephant 2 casino games are one of the best product of Thunderstick in they tried their best to improve the quality of the game as well as their features and functions. The Review of the Pink Elephant 2 consisted of reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, wilds, RTP, betting range and payout which are the essential parts of the game. The method to play and unlock the functions will also help the gambler to earn more than the past games. This is the 2nd significant game of the same series with the high payout and volatility.

Pink Elephants 2 casino slot can be played as online by living in the house and not to disturb the routine of any play. Online betting is valuable than to waste time in the casino stations. Here is the detailed information regarding the features and functions of the slot.

Functions in the Slot

There are 6 reels and 4096 pay-lines which are the same as in the latest slots of the casino. The game which has more than 96% Return to Player is always attracted by the gamblers of the casino. The settled payout and free games with the free spins are the best options for the users to unlock the game. The presence of the wilds scatters, icons and multipliers enhanced the values of the slot among the others. Here are the exact figures for the range of betting and output after playing well with the functions and symbols.

Betting Range and Payout

No matter, if you are a new one or experienced the range of betting of for all the players are very reliable which is between the only $0.10 to the $100 like a handsome for the peoples. While on the other hand, you can win up to the 10,000x which is a real miracle jackpot for the wagers of the casino. Any game which composed of 96% as RTP is always caught traffic of users in very short. The availability of some easy functions and symbols increased the value of the game.

How to Play Pink Elephants Casino Game?

It is so simple to handle the slot because the common feature of wild present in it which is the responsibility to make the combinations and to work as an alternate to get the maximum payout in a short time for the gamblers. The W wilds would on the area of the reels with the pay-lines.

If you wanted to get the maximum jackpot then play with the scattered symbols of Peanut from 3 to 6 times which showed on the reels. While there 19 free spins after doing well with the scatter symbols to lift these in the reels as a random.

After getting the option of triggers, one thing takes into account than the new features of Elephant Orb would be automatically there for you after a long time in the area of the symbols. You can change the value of the symbol from lower to the higher which showed the quality of the up gradations. The symbol of the goat will convert into the Pink Elephant which is your requirement to the big win.

Five scatters symbols and trigger options can be picked by the Mystery symbols in the slot. Free spins and free games also attached to it.

The Theme of the Pink Elephants 2

Do not worry about the layout and the design of the Pink Elephant 2 game because it is based on the African type as in the past with the addition of the 4 roles in it. There are 4 high rate paid symbols which would be helpful to pick the more and more payout for the users. It is an original and well-developed theme of the maker which was expected from the players of Thunderstick. 


The slot of Pink Elephants would be gaining the users of the casino because of well payout, RTP, betting range and symbols in it. The unique feature of the original theme showed that you can earn better than the past if you focused well on the working of the game. Try it to get mega jackpot than to waste time.

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