Phoenix Fortune Casino Game Review

Phoenix Fortune Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Phoenix Fortune Casino Game Review

Phoenix Fortune Casino Game invented by the Greentube to inspired the people about the creature of China once again. The entire game depends on the Phoenix Bird to prepare the combinations and the pairs for the users. The review of the Phoenix consisted of all the functions and the features in the slot like the symbols, significant payout, betting range, reels, multipliers, pay-lines and some of the others. The Return to Played added by the makers of this game is too low to impress the wagers of the casino.

Functions of the Slot

This slot made to maintain the market value of the casino game with the 5 reels and 243 pay-lines to win the gambling. Players of the casino will get the chance to get a handsome payout in every round and spin of the game. The huge stacks settled for the users are up to the 29000x which could be possible if you played well. The Phoenix Fortune Slot is an average game as compared to the others. While the presence of the Progressive Jackpot also took some part of the RTP which is the only difference between the casino games which is only 95% but the use of the symbols like the scatters, free spins and multipliers gave some importance to the slot to gain the users from the stations.

Betting Option for Phoenix Fortune

You have to need only 20 coins to invest in it for all the winning lines of 243 which is not a big deal for the players of the casino. Whereas the minimum range of betting started from the $0.50 to the $50 which is so inspired for the bookies and the newbie’s slot players all over the world. The Phoenix Fortune Game can be played with the help of the smartphone and on a laptop anywhere in the global world after downloading the required software for the game.

The payout from the Slot

If you handled well to the 5 symbols of the Lion, then you will be paid of 12x as a stack for a total line covering but if you also played well with the wild symbol, then the mega prize of the 24 will be a wait of you. If you did not avail of the featured of the wilds, you just have the opportunity to get 2900x which showed the double of it in the amount of the 5800x.

But the RTP in the Phoenix consisted of some benefit for the gambler if he did well to the symbols



How to Play

There are 2 main symbols which played a huge role in all the casino game with the color of the red and blue. The symbols of blue color present on the 2nd and 4th reel whereas the other of red on the 3rd reel. You can get a multiplier of 2x by doing well with the Phoenix Medal to get some cash at that time.

The symbols of the wilds like all the casinos would help you to get the Jackpot Bonus which is the best strategy for any wager. You have the chance to get all the 3 medals here after getting this feature. The last hope for the gambler is to do best with the Gong Icons and you need 3-5 reels for it from the left to right of it. You can avail of the 10 extra free spins here without giving any coin to the makers of the casino. At last, Royal of little value deleted for you to make the real winning combinations from the other valuable symbols.


The theme of the slot made on the base of the Eastern like Chinese culture with the creature there. The graphics which added into the slot are too amazing for the users to impress them with the use of the gold and red color for it. Most of the symbols in the game have low value for the player like the Lions, frogs, Turtles, Dragons, and the Royals. All these can give you some cash at the last of the gameplay.


The output in the form of the payout developed by the makers is a little bit impressive. All the options and the functions present in the slot created some interest for the gambler with little RTP also.


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