PGA Championship betting tips

PGA Championship betting tips

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Golf
PGA Championship betting tips

The PGA Championship is currently the 2nd major golf event held annually in May, on the weekend leading up to Memorial Day, having to up from its old mid-August location from 2019 on.

Chronologically on the two golf championship calendar the PGA Championship – often named the US PGA – follows on from the Masters in March.

2020 PGA championship betting

The Masters Cup has springtime in Augusta, and the US Open has tight fairways and high rough, the PGA Championship has windswept seaside locales. The PGA Championship has – what rightly? Identity has long been the problem for a major that is seen format changes and calendar moves over the course of its age.

What the PGA Championship has had lots of recently, though, international or not, scoring, the PGA Championship has become a major where golfers are most likely to go low, which sets the event apart from a gambling perspective.

In 2018, Brooks set an event record with a complete score of 264. In 2015, Jason Day finished the game at twenty under, the lowest winning score ever in a major. Among 2010-2019, seven of ten PGA winners finished double-digit under par.

For golfers and punters alike that tend toward low scoring has to turn out to be one of the event’s few constant. While course setups occasionally mirror those of the US Open, the PGA Championship of US is an organization run by experts for experts and does not want to embarrass its members. It might not produce the target golf of usual PGA tour events, but sometimes it comes close.

Perhaps because it is the most scoring friendly major, the PGA Championship event is more likely to produce long shot winners like Jimmy Walker 125/1 in 2016, Keegan Bradley 150/1 in 2011, and Y.E. Yang 125 /1 in 2009.

The tournament’s new springtime date can also prove vexing for punters, given how some best players play a relatively light schedule early in 2020. Woods, for instance, had played just 5 events in 2019 before arriving at Bethpage Black, where he missed the cut. So, take a longer view on golfer’s trends, rather than becoming enamored with perhaps more restricted performances of the present season.

PGA Championship Betting Odds 2020

  • Koepka 8/1
  • Woods 8/1
  • McIlroy 10/1
  • Jonson 10/1
  • Rose 16/1
  • Thomas 16/1
  • Spieth 16/1
  • Raham 18/1
  • Fowler 20/1

Top PGA Championship 2020 Betting tips

  • Championship winner – the most famous type of bet, but also the hardest to win given the size of the PGA Championship’s 156 player field. Seem for a candidate who is laying well in events leading into the week.
  • Each-Way – a double bet that allows the punter to hedge by selecting a player not just to win the event, but also finish among a top spot as determined by the golf bookmakers.
  • Head to head – a wager this pits 2 players against one another as chosen by the sportsbook, either for around or for the event. All that matters is how they fare against one another, not how they spot in the tournament.
  • 2 and 3 ball – picking a player out of twosome/threesome to have the finest score in that day’s round. Again, entire that matters is how the golfers fare against one another.
  • Top five, top ten, top twenty – gambling on a golfer to finish within a specified range of finishing spots, as set by the sportsbook and some books will feature whole the way up top twenty.
  • Prop wagers – any array of bets that usually have nothing to do with the final result, such as gambling a player to miss or make this cut, gambling on whether the winner’s finishing points will be over or below a certain number, and gambling on whether there’ll be a hole in one.
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