Panama Vytautas

Panama Vytautas

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Panama Vytautas Mikaičiui remind secretly filmed footage, which – casino attendants working

Jackpot bet online finds out a situation that happened In Latin America, where Vytautas did something and eye witnessed something that is incredibly amazing and once in a life time opportunity to witness. He decided to talk to the media about this so that the world can hear of it, and it is related with the casino.

Latin American beauties do not need to present. They consecutive wins wide range of beauty contests, and those that fail to become obsessed, its charm tend to use other means.

And it is not a drop did not lie. True, on closer scrutiny immediately apparent that the chest investing significant money to the girls properly. Therefore, sometimes unnatural breasts reminds plastic.

However, their presence in a place next to nothing does not complain. These beauties one goal – a period of time from the game board to lure men, and brighten their daily routine. Of course, for the money, not for thanks and compliments.

“Veneto hotel I stayed with my mother – she was a great cover for the implementation of the plan, which I decided to come into the casino. Walking and playing like the way I decided to work to give your phone. Activate the video mode and the screen is darkened gambling check.

Originally filmed at waist level, then I forced myself therefore, and your phone to store breast are taking the position.

However, the girl is not happy so easy – three of them have already tried to raise a giant Zarzal. “I stopped and I decided to sit down at the gaming machine. I had the feeling that it does not stop, so the intervention of the phone in the sock.

I was right.

– Do you speak Spanish? – Presented themselves guard. – Is a film girls show the phone – he continued.

– Nothing I took and nothing I will not show you! – Almost cried. Perhaps for the first time so blatantly lied. Truth did not tell even along the former mother: dramatic face and said in a faltering voice that really is not.

However, the situation suddenly took on a comic tone. I stood up from his chair as if to be shot at his leg. I was not sure if I were going to loose phone (then it would be everything – his “truth”).

Fortunately, the phone Not Out, we quickly boarded the elevator and the room already looked at footage.

However, I would not say that was a very quiet room to sit. Perfectly I realized that this business is not just for girls. I have sworn to myself more such adventures not to get involved. However, the times do not regret: after all, better to see once than to hear 100 times.

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