Pakistan cricket team has to wait for ten years to get back

Pakistan cricket team has to wait for ten years to get back

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Cricket
England v Pakistan - First Test

The most famous and the great well – known cricket player who is also an all – rounder is found to be the great Mudassar Nazar and he is the player who is the former all – rounder in all the test crickets. This great man has given a very important comment about his Pakistan team and it is regarding the performance of the Pakistan cricket team. He has shared his comments because he is appointed as the academics director by the great Pakistan cricket board.

Ten years more to resurrect Pakistan

This great person says that it will nearly take ten years more to resurrect the great Pakistan team and he has also informed that the great Pakistan team has gone to the bottom level by simply touching the lowest level and it is also especially due to low performance of the Pakistan cricket players in the recent matches and particularly in the shorter versions of the cricket game.

The great press conference

There was a very great press conference which was been conducted by the people and this person who is mentioned above has given an announcement at the place of PCB headquarters which was on last Thursday and the speech of the Mudassar Nazar was found to be questionable one and the reporters of that particular conference has said that there are many latest announcements which are about the Pakistan cricket players and the guessing question of the Mudassar made many people think a lot about the team and the players.

Pakistan to right track

This person has informed that it will surely take at least ten years to take Pakistan and to leave it to the right track and he also said that it is a little bit difficult for the people to make the Pakistanis as best players and the cricket team to bring them back to the right track. He also said that more practice and hard work is highly necessary to achieve everything and the people can easily come up in their life to a very greater player if they are highly dedicated and sincere.

Utilization of NCA

This great person who is the Mudassar has informed that the players must surely utilize the NCA and he also says that if this is utilized properly by the players then they can achieve a lot in their game. Utilization of the resources is very much important to do something and the players have to fully utilize the resources of the NCA in order to come up in the game.

Shaping new talents

This former test player has also informed that the cricket association of the Pakistan will surely try to track the new talents and they are planning to give a chance to such people in an efficient manner.
Many people who have heard this will surely help them to know about the condition of the Pakistan within few years.

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