Owner requires data on feasibility Falcons NFL in Las Vegas

Owner requires data on feasibility Falcons NFL in Las Vegas

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Betting

Seems like some of the NFL players took it too deep into their American super movie roll and went to bet on their teams in Las Vegas casinos for or against their teams. The problem was found in one really obvious match who according to the game, and the way they played, was obviously set before with a final score.

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ATLANTA – Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons , understands the appeal of having an NFL franchise in Las Vegas, but says it wants to ensure the absolute commitment of the city around a team before supporting such a move.

The owner of the Oakland Raiders , Mark Davis, made clear his intentions to move the team to Las Vegas. Such a transition would require the approval of at least 24 of the 32 league owners, where the put to the vote.

“I think whether there are enough people in Las Vegas to support a team is a question , ” Blank told ESPN.com on Friday. “I have not seen data that support it or not. It certainly is a dynamic market. It is a growth market. Get a huge tourism, many business conventions. So certainly can consider. We’ll see what they reveal the facts.

“I want to see all the research on whether [Las Vegas] can hold a franchise or not. It’s not unlike any other city we discussed”.

Naturally, there will be discussion on how it affects the public perception of the NFL famous for its gambling, specifically sports, city hostel a franchise.

“I think obviously we would have to build a wall around the sports operations and franchise itself, which I think they can do effectively,” he said Blank. “That [betting] opportunity exists in any market.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell opposition softened League to Las Vegas recently, stating that dreams depend on whether a team can move to a city that stands sports betting.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, spoke positively about the possibility of having an NFL team in Las Vegas.

“He has a facility for entertainment, as well as two million people, and full-time residents are big sports fans,” said Jones in a golf tournament this week. “They have a huge contingent of visitors, more often than not, are NFL fans. Sums it all, and certainly is in a conversation about the future in relation to the NFL.”

The league saw the relocation of a team during the off-season when the St. Louis Rams received approval to move to Los Angeles from 2016.

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