Onset of Euro cup

Onset of Euro cup

Onset of Euro cup 2016, former football players remembers the french football history

France is very famously known for football fans and the football fanatics who live there. The country has recently got the privilege of hosting Euro cup 2016 going to be started from June 10th. Euro cup is the one of the biggest football event after world cup tournament. UEFA is responsible for the entire tournament whereas the respective country supports UEFA to host the tournament in the country. Football is a most favorite for most of the people in France. Onset of the upcoming tournament whole country is busy with the thoughts, curiosity and the excitement of the game. They wait for the one of the great football tournament like others and especially since they host the tournament they are more eager that other countries.

The big event is going to be started soon just in two days which holds breathe of the fans from the whole country. Smial Zidane calls as a Father of the foot ball and legend in the year 1950. He worked in the construction building and slept there itself as he was not having place to stay. He never dreamt that the one of the best stadium in France would come few yards away from the site he is working and his son is going to be a football legend of France. The future of football still speaks about him and his victory in French football.

1998 is the year that shaped the football team of France said by many players. The people of France knew that their team will lose the trophy as they don’t perform well ranking 18th in the list of football teams in the world. They lost the match in the early rounds against Russia and drew two matches one against Sweden and other against Morocco. There were many opinions for the loss but mainly the blame was put on the team manager Aime Jacquet the former soldier. It was discussed that there is no proper involvement as he was busy in deploying soldiers for Algerian war.

Later the country started tasting victories against South Africa with the scores leading 3-0 when Jacquet was managing the team. Further the country has won the games against Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Paraguay. Their performance against Italy team the three time world champions was phenomenal as they won the match with the score 4-3 using the penalty shootout. That was the turning point of the game former football player Lauren says. After all these successes the mindset of the people changed and they got belief over their team and the country and there were celebration on the streets.