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The Kings Romans Casino sits on the Laos side across the Mekong River, a beacon in what a vacant stretch of green, of civilization. Where Laos and Burma meet we’re in the Thai part of the Golden Triangle, and nobody will tell us how to get around the river. We ask 3 people, each of that smiles and uses a suspiciously equal phrase: Casino? No. Only Laos shopping. We made it before just by invoking this name of a contact in away Bangkok, and the crossing was designed to close. We were dropped off in the dock that was speedboat and driven to one among hotel buildings, which may accommodate up to five hundred guests.

During the night, hotel buildings and the bars shine with collections of bulbs that are colored, complementing the colored crown which tops the dome of the casino. The casino’s flashiness is a large change from the night scene in the region. As there weren’t any lights during the night. Building of the pompous sounding Kings Romans began for example, installment of a 46 km street from the match into the Laos town of Huay Xai down the Mekong River, with a cost of about 500 million US dollars. In accordance with the manager, there had been plenty of challenges, as workers and materials for the construction had to be transported from China in the relatively undeveloped region.

The casino is one of many projects located in a region in northern Laos called this Special Economic Zone, to that this government has granted Chinese companies development rights with an 99 year lease. The Kings Romans Group controls 10, 000 hectares of that region. Towards the end of that period, all the Chinese owned properties in the region will be handed over to the Laos authorities. In the meantime, the casino claims they’re seeing roughly ten thousand guests per month, with lots of from China, Thailand, Europe, and the US.

Nevertheless, during our visit we thought they were the only foreigners in sight, definitely quite daunting at times. Even though the identities of the group’s funders aren’t public, we had been told the group has considerable experience in match management, including connections at Macau, Burmas Mongla gambling region, and Boten on this China Laos border. The supervisor pointed out which there are other casinos at Laos, but they’re much smaller and not as good. This company has its own security force to patrol this region. The focus on security hopes to prevent this serious problems that plagued the gambling area at Boten. This complex does seem rather well controlled.

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