Online Casino GTA 5 Launch Date nears for next Grand Theft Auto DLC

Online Casino GTA 5 Launch Date nears for next Grand Theft Auto DLC

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
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ROCKSTAR is preparing to drop one more massive update for GTA 5 Online, with more DLC attentive on the games Casino.

RockStar Games has verified that the suspected and long-delayed Casino update is coming to GTA Online.

A recent tweet on the accredited RockStar Twitter account has informed fans that it is soon going to open

It’s a close hint of what’s is expected and there’s no launch date to tell precisely when this update could come.

 GTA Online Casino DLC Release Date

As at the moment of writing, RockStar hasn’t even acknowledged the Casino changes they’ve been making underway to the game in the past weeks, leave alone a date of release.

That said, we can have a good stab at forecasting when they release this newest game-changing update to GTA Online.

Firstly, RockStar regularly releases fresh content drops on Thursdays.  If you take a look at the three past weeks, their updates have been showing up every Thursday, and you can proceed backward for weeks on end.

It’s just when RockStar likes to release fresh content.

So we might likely see the new DLC come as soon as today, if not, we suspect it won’t take too long for the content to drop.

It’s been approximately over six months since the games last significant expansion, which arrived along with the GTA Internet: Arena War update around mid-December.

Before that, we saw the After Hours update dropped in July 2018 and prior to that, Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series around March 2018.

A close look at 2018 only, RockStar did not take longer than 4 to 5 months before releasing another ‘massive’ expansion.

Understandably RockStar has been engaged with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online since the end of 2018. It was in Mid-May when Red Dead Online officially left it’s ‘beta’ duration.

Is GTA Online Casino update going to add new currency?

Playing devil’s advocate there’s a single issue that suggests we may have to wait a little bit longer for the update, and that’s all about the potential for latest mini-game, a recent Red Dead Online update and micro transactions.

Games Rader has clearly explained in a piece of separate information as follows:

“This report follows shortly after poker, and other wagering games were added to Red Dead Online, triggering the pot because the game has micro transactions,” states Ford James

“It is only gold bars that can be purchased with real money nonetheless, and staking in that game consumes dollars, which are a separate currency.

“To keep off an uproar; RockStar needs to come up with a second currency to GTA Online that can’t be purchased with real money, of which we have not had any sign yet.

“Time alone will tell, and it is most probable that Red Dead Online’ s wagering was used as a test for GTA Online, which is their major cash cow.

We don’t think we shall wait for too long for the GTA Online Casino Update to come, but it feels like it may be another significant expansion to the ever-developing Grand Theft Auto universe.