Old lady losing more money in gambling

Old lady losing more money in gambling

There are many numbers of people who show interest to indulge in daily gambling. It is because gambling is said to be the most interesting game which is totally based on the time and the luck and it also involves in the tricks and the tactics which are mostly found with the popular gamblers. There is much recent news which is coming out regarding gambling and recently there is news about a very old lady who has indulged in gambling.

It is the very old lady who is found to be the mother of Tom Lippa and she is found to be the bravest lady who often indulges in gambling. This old woman is named as Elfriede and she is said to be the most vibrant woman in the world and her son says that she is the most tireless lady who is very much interested in gambling. The son says that this lady often moves to the royal casino and she will indulge in gambling along with her lovable dog. The recent news has brought out the survey that this is the lady who has lost nearly $300,000 money and this happened within the time period of seven years. This made the people is highly shocked and the two children who are Lippa and his sister are saying that it greatly terrifies them to a very greater extent because of the action is done by their mother. The loss amount is found to be a huge amount and people are very must shocked to hear this terrible news. The lady was very much interested to involve in gambling and this made her face a very serious problem. It is said that this old lady never cared about losing such a very big amount and she is very much excited to involve in gambling very often.

Most of the lady’s bank records are revealing very great shocking news to their children and also to the other people and this is the most recent story which came out and it is revealed by her two children. They are saying that these risks and the experience of their mother are restricting them to involve in the casino gambling and they say that they are still keeping them away from the gambling and the casino due to the great loss which is faced by their family members by indulging constantly in the gambling.

The great B.C lottery corporation which is found created for the gamblers is now providing the solution for the people who have faced problems in gambling. The association has announced that there will a voluntary self – exclusion program which will automatically help the people to solve their problems which they have faced due to the gambling and the above said two children are now planning to approach this association and they are trying to get the solution.

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