Old Fellow Slot Review

Old Fellow Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Old Fellow Slot Review

If you have any experience hitting the mines to get gems, then old fellow is one of the best products for you. It has consisted of all the significant elements. I will try my best to tell you about the complete detail of the game. Experience always played a vital role in gaining more jackpots.

How many reels are in the slot of Old Fellow?

There are five reels in the slot machine.

How many lines to cover in the slot?

You need to cover a maximum of 20 lines in this slot machine.

What is the amount of RTP?

The amount of RTP raised to 96%.

What about the level of volatility?

It has consisted of high volatility.

What are the significant features of the slot machine?

Wilds, scatters, free spins, and other multipliers are the best source to use.

What is the betting range?

The betting range has started from 20 cents to $10. It means that all kinds of users may use it.

What is the maximum amount to get?

If you do well in the slot, no one can stop you from winning 50,000x the stake.

Are there any features of progressive jackpot and mega ways?

No, there is not an option of progressive jackpots and mega ways.

When will it come to market?

You can play it now. It is available in the market for all users.

What about the result of this game on smartphones and tablets?

It is quite a decent result on smartphones and android also.

What are the significant features of the theme?

The theme of the game has consisted of mines and gems. Both the features will play a vital role in the complete game. There is not any interruption in the gameplay. The design of the slot is attractive.

What are the significant advantages of the game?

  • It is a good slot for all casino players.
  • The betting range started only from 20 cents.
  • You may win up to 50,000x the stake jackpots.

How to play it?

At the start, you have to focus on the gems and royal card. These symbols are attached to the other ten characters. Now, some of the rocks will come in different kinds of colors. It may be blue, green, red and others. At last, do not forget to pick the special symbols.

In the middle of the game, there will be several wild symbols for you. It consists of the female cowboy, a donkey, and a raccoon. You can replace these symbols with regulars. All the combinations will be automatically done through it.

The following purpose is to focus on the scatter symbols. If you pick three from it, then you can get free spins and bonuses. There are 12 free spins for you at the same time. If you want to get more, then you have to take the entire risk.

In the end, Bonus Buy features will be your trump card. You can gain it through the help of trigger features. Finally, the features of the game will leave a red card color for you. Here, most of the multiplier will come to you with different kinds of free spins.


It has consisted of all kinds of exciting prizes for users. The maker gave the title accordion to the wilds and scatters. You can get free Spain from Sticky wilds and multipliers. Bonus but is one of the best features to male combinations.

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