NYX Gaming Group in the third quarter of 2016

NYX Gaming Group in the third quarter of 2016

The NYX Gaming Group may be over the third quarter of 2016 not really complain. Because with good figures the company can shine in the third quarter and show that it is always on the advance. In comparison with the prior-year period, the NYX Gaming Group was able to show how much success has been achieved.

Great sales plus achieved

With net sales of 54.4 million Canadian dollars (CAD), the NYX Gaming Group posted revenue of 308.9 percent in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of the previous year. As a result, the company has already significantly increased in a year. NYX Gaming has also been able to achieve good sales with its licensing revenues. In the third quarter of 2016, the figure was 26.5 million CAD, an increase of 130.9 per cent. In 2015, they were still at CAD 11.5 million over the same period. EBITDA after adjustment was 14.5 million CAD, which also shows a very good balance sheet.

For the services, sales increased by only 0.4 million CAD to 24.7 million CAD. However, there was growth in this sector compared to the third quarter of 2015.

Total gross profit for the third quarter of 2016 was $ 49.1 million, which is sure to be a great success for the Group. For the same period a year ago this was still at 11.1 million CAD, which means an increase of a rich 342.1 percent. And the result of this positive effect is that the NYX Gaming Group cannot really complain. Probably also one or the other cork has popped, when the balance was established.

New customers could also be won

The NYX Gaming Group has, of course, achieved the good figures only on the basis of the existing customers. New customers were also won over in the last quarter. For the Open Gaming System (OGS) and the Open Platform System (OPS), seven new customers were acquired in the third quarter, which of course pays off for the company. The OGS content was also made available to eight customers from new customers, so they are now available to end users.

In addition, the NYX Gaming Group has also released 18 new games in the third quarter of 2016. This number of new games is already quite high and shows in some way that the games of the company are also in demand. The NYX Gaming Group also established Open Bet in Italy. Overall, the company has been able to convince in the past quarter.

First three quarters with very good balance

Overall, the NYX Gaming Group has grown significantly in the first three quarters of 2016, and was able to increase in comparison with the first nine months of last year. The turnover in the first nine months of this year was up 221.9 percent. Sales of CAD 109.2 million were achieved. In the same period in 2015, sales were still at CAD 33.9 million. In all areas, the NYX Gaming Group has significantly increased in the first nine months. This means that the company will certainly be able to show a great overall performance for the year 2016 even after the fourth quarter.