Novomatic Group receives 2 awards!

Novomatic Group receives 2 awards!

At Novomatic you can have the champagne corks popped or the champagne corks depending on the taste. Because there is good news for the Lower Austrian company. The employer internet platform kununu selected Novomatic for two awards. Novomatic receives the “TOP Company” award from kununu and also the “OPEN Company” award.

Employee satisfaction is rewarded

In the German-speaking world, kununu is the largest platform for employees to assess their employers. More than 1,437,000 valuations and authentic experience reports have already been handed over to the approximately 290,000 companies represented there. Everyone from the Novomatic Group can thus evaluate their employer there and write the experiences down. Only if there is a high level of employee satisfaction, too, will the companies enter the tight selection for the kununu “TOP Company” Award. Finally, this award is only awarded to companies with particularly high employee satisfaction. And just a great review is not enough to get the “TOP Company” Award. At least six authentic assessments must be submitted to the platform, whereby the total score cannot be less than three. These criteria meet Novomatic and can therefore be proud of the performance.

Also in the category “OPEN Company” far ahead

However, Novomatic does not only receive the “TOP Company” award. The “OPEN Company” award is now available for the company. And of course you do not get this award as well. The “OPEN Companies” can only include the companies that have a company profile, which also offers insights into the company’s daily work or companies who advertise their employees to leave ratings on kununu or companies, the assessments of their employees to comment on kununu objectively and competently. So it is not easy to get this award, which is supposed to be a company’s transparency. But Novomatic will now also be able to decorate itself with the “OPEN Company” Award, which should particularly look forward to the Chefetage.

Novomatic wants to position itself well on the labor market

It is clear that Novomatic is not active in junism and fury on the employers’ platform. The company would like to use this great internet platform to position itself as a strong and good employer on the labor market. This also happens within the framework of the Employer Branding Initiative, as the company reported. Finally, for Novomatic (Book of Ra machines), the employees in particular are the ones who could best assess Novomatic as an employer. Thus, they are also a sort of ambassador for the Lower Austrian Company. They are therefore in a responsible position to show future employees how the employer Novomatic is ticking and how the working world looks in this international company. Novomatic, of course, left the door open to former employees to issue a rating. And, in addition to the active employees, the apprentices at Novomatic can of course also assess their training group at kununu. But no one has expected that even candidates at Novomatic can evaluate the company. After all, they already get an insight into the first steps in the company, even if an application is not successful afterwards.