Novoline, Temple of Secrets and the treasures on the reels

Novoline, Temple of Secrets and the treasures on the reels

Book of Ra and its partners are undoubtedly popular because you are looking for virtual treasure hunts, and the new Novoline Magic Machine Temple of Secrets should also create a sensation. The manufacturer also packs a very attractive jackpot into the slot machine, an additional incentive to gamble, but what about the entertainment in the online casino? Does the preparation work well or can you do without the xth reuse of concepts from the play area?

“Can you see anything?”

This question asked Lord Carnarvon the Howard Carter, who was shining through the wall before him in the King’s Grave, who said: “Yes. Wonderful things. “And precisely that mood Novoline tries to capture at Temple of Secrets somehow. After all, the treasure hunters, excavators, archaeologists and fortune – tellers of the world do not gather for nothing at all on the reels and game machines with regard to the Valley of the Kings or other secrets, always offer a mood, a feeling that can be compared with those feelings of the people, the tomb of Tut Ench Amun.

Enough to the history and the reference of the machine, back to the real risk when gambling. Temple of Secrets, whose background may be more in South America than in Egypt, offers bets of one cent up to 2 euros and what does not sound is multiplied by the 50 profit lines to a very decent total for all players. One hundred euro at the top and 50 cents at least, everyone can afford it, and that can be done by everyone, so that you can align a lot with the payout ratio of 94%. Just the jackpot is tempting, especially since it needs the correct multiplier for its profit and this you can cash in the examples.

Symbols and bonuses at Temple of Secrets

The animal world of the jungle through which you have to look at the treasure hunt is represented on the five reels as well as golden sparkling artefacts, evidently from the Aztecs. The pyramid completes the dance and is really exciting with the wild picture, represented by the treasure seeker, as well as with the golden scroll, the activated multiples plus Multiplicators. The cashier does not ring insignificantly, and the jackpot can be earned in increments either via the multipliers or by a full image gain with the image of the treasure hunter. Not bad in the sum and definitely worth a try!

Novoline Casinos for everyone

If you gamble as a high roller, of course, plays differently as a beginner and for each need is found online also the right Novomatic casino. Players from Germany will find a number of providers with PayPal, from the inevitable Star games over the generous Gaminator to the very popular play areas Quasar Gaming and Ovo Casino. At the Ares casino you can take very fat 350% or up to 1750 Euros as Casino bonus, but should also pay close attention to the conditions.