NFL can boost London’s revenues

NFL can boost London’s revenues

A study conducted by Deloitte revealed that there is a huge possibility for the NFL authorization brings in over $250 million. The research also has big doubts on the possibility of Super Bowl in London and claimed that this would bring a pessimistic retort from US.

It is believed that the team may be based in London. This comes after the regular season was held in London in 2007 specifically the three games played at Wembley. However, the British government claims that the team should be based abroad.

The practicability of the study showed that the eight games to be hosted in London would bring in $165 million. This is solely on fans spending. Totaling them together with other ultimate spending away from London, the country would earn a total of $225 million in every season.

Mark Waller, the executive vice president of international claimed that he saw no use of having a team in London focusing on the asperity in every season that forbids it from playing at the top level. He added that to make this happen, there calls for much work to be done with suggest claiming that five years are needed to entire complete it.

There is a 30 page document that highlights the game being hosted by Wembley. It would kick off at 4 pm with the conclusion scheduled to 9pm. This would increase the traffic especially while moving from the stadium. The research also highlighted that if the game was to be started at 6pm London time, not many TV audiences will get the chance to view it since it will be around 10am in the west of US.

The Deloitte report claimed that the shifting of the event from US to oversee would have a big impact to the market since not many diehard fans will be flying across the Atlantic to London. If four games were to be played in London, the country would acquire $94 million. This comes after in 2013, the two matches played in the city generated $52 million. With the NFL contact set to expire in 2016, Waller claimed that they are yet to have a meeting with West ham on the use the Olympic Stadium based on the east of the city.

British cabinet minister for sports, Sajid Javid claimed that the NFL has continued to have a strong fan base in the country and that he believed that the city will become another home for the American football.