Newcastle United vs Leeds United Betting Review

Newcastle United vs Leeds United Betting Review

The Newcastle United failed in the last match due to 2-0 versus the Aston Villa. On the other hands, the opposition is also straggling from the last some days. Moreover, the Newcastle side stood in the 16th position with 19 points. Whereas, the Leeds side also has 23 points after the 12th games. Now, the situation is exciting for both the sides to pick top edge. The fifth loss by the Villa raised more problem for the side. So, they have completed ten contest without having a win.


There is no goal by the team in the last four games that was the real problem. On the other hands, the Magpies gained three wins with the ten goals. In all the away matches, the Newcastle failed to win even a single game. So, the upcoming news will also be a problem for them.

In the last match between these same team, the Leeds side rattled the preparations of Newcastle with the result of 5-2. Now, they are still caught by struggles. There are not any goals in the last three defeats also. On the prominent side of the play, they did not stop the opposition to score any goal. If we say that the Leeds side is one of the unfortunate sides of the league, it would not be wrong. More than conceded by them. Now, the time is to show something different than the past.

Head to Head

It is one of the worst records of t Leeds because they failed to win in the last three games. Moreover, the side just won one match from the last 4. The Newcastle also have some record almost. Now, it is up to the viewers that which side could be better.

Betting Odds & Tips

The team of Newcastle have won only one game in the last five matches at home. On the other hand, they faced ten defeats for the real problem in the entire league. The experts said that the Leeds did not have string defence in the team. In the last ten games in the same league, all the players just conceded 6. The point table did not disturb by the players in the last ten matches.

Who will win the match?

We have seen that there is not too much difference between the two teams’ profiles in the league. But, there is only something differentiating the two teams like the defence and number of defeats in the league. Leeds would be the winner of the league match.


All the necessary information have manipulated very well in the above. I hope you cleared about the winner of the match. If you still have any issue, then you can connect to any other platform. The teams of Leeds is ready to carry the day. However, they must fight hard in the department of defence. Let’s see what will happen on the 26th of January 2021. Do not forget to check the home and outside performance and head to head result. These are the essential input for you.