New Zealand Women vs Australia Women 3rd T20 Review

New Zealand Women vs Australia Women 3rd T20 Review

The 3rd and final T20 match adopted too much importance after leveling the series by 1-1. The New Zealand women’s side bounced back very well after losing the 1st game on home ground. Now, they have a chance to maintain the last result. I am here to leave a better analysis for the viewers to gain the natural outcome and prediction. So, it would help if you had to stay with us till the end of the content. Let’s start with the review of teams.


We know that the Australian women’s team won the initial game of the tour. New Zealand posted only 130 runs in the limited 20 overs. In the end, these runs did not prove too much to win the game. Only a single player of opposition took away the match from the hands of New Zealand. Yes, Gardner played very well till the end of the game and posted 70 valuable runs. No doubt, some of the others also supported very well, but her innings were vital in the whole scenario. It was tremendous for the hosts to lead the series by 1-0. But, in just three days, this lead decreased by the guest.

In the 2nd T20 game, New Zealand won the toss and asked the New Zealand skipper to bat first. All the players made only 129 runs in the given overs. Moony was the only prominent player to make 61 runs on 54 fours. She added six fours in the whole innings. On the other hand, New Zealand’s opener Mckay started to chase the average total with high nerves. She posted 46 runs to win the game. It means that the series level by 1-1. The 3rd and final contest is scheduled to play on 1st April and Auckland, New Zealand. The New Zealand team would like to take advantage of home ground.

Odds & Tips

Suppose you saw that both the games have only one thing every day. The team who won the toss won the game also. So, if New Zealand will win the toss, its chances to win the game will be more than the other. These predictions came from the head-to-head result. Here is the winner announcement.

Who will win the match?

It is not an easy task to announce the winner of the day. New Zealand has 55% chances to win the contest. On the other side, the Australian side will enter into the ground with only 45% chances. We have checked too many facts and figures to conclude this result.


The better thing is that you make your own opinion about the winner of the match. Try to gather all the past details of teams to analyze the results and score. Do not forget to see the latest performance at home or away from home. Head-to-head results and players’ injuries in crucial games also have a considerable impact on players’ implementation. NZ will win the series by 2-1. It is the final recommendation by us.