New Zealand vs Bangladesh 1st ODI Betting Review

New Zealand vs Bangladesh 1st ODI Betting Review

After the arrival of Corona disease globally, it is the first time that the Bangladesh side will visit New Zealand. The Tigers have to play 3 one days’ games and the same number of 20 overs format. I know you are here to see the winner of the game before the result of the match. So, you have to stay with us till the end of the game. I will try my best to leave better and useful information for all the viewers. Let’s, start with the New Zealand team in the preview


The New Zealand team picked too much best players in the one day and T20 games from the last some years. Now, it is not easy for everyone to win the match against them. Especially in the home ground grounds, the NZ side got more advantage of pitches. Their pitches are very fast and quick than any part of the world. In the last two short over series, they beat Pakistan by 2-1 and busy to do the same versus Australia. It showed the real strength in cricket.

Martin Guptill put some excellent scores on the board in the last T20 game. When he started to smash the ball, there is no chance for fielders to stop the ball before reaching the boundary. I think the Bangladesh team will struggle in the tour of New Zealand. The restriction of corona also played a vital role in preparation for the outsider team. Only 3 to 4 players have more experience in the Bangladesh side. Tamim, Shakib and Mushfiq with the Mahmoodullah could be the star of any match. But they need to stay there very relaxed and calm. Here are the betting tips and odds for the viewers.

Betting Tips & Odds

Do not forget to check the recent and past performance of Bangladesh players in New Zealand. We know that Bangladesh is not an easy side for everyone. But, the matter is of new conditions in New Zealand. You will see the fast and quick bowling by New Zealand will end all the Bangladesh hopes.

On the next side, the New Zealand team is outstanding now due to decent results in the last two series. It will be useful to see the game among the two different continent teams in New Zealand.

Who Will Win?

Only a miracle can help Bangladesh to win the game. New Zealand will surely win the match. But, the real result will come on the play day. So, we made all the predictions on behalf of experience.


If you have read the above content, then I think you can make your betting team. On the other hands, there are not any different opinion for you instead of New Zealand. If you disagree with us, you can contact any other spot by browsing the internet. But, I think you will waste time on these kinds of searchings.