New Year with Free CasinoClub

New Year with Free CasinoClub

In the CasinoClub are the examples loose. The online casino has thought that it would like to reward the loyal members of the exclusive CasinoClub. And how could you do better than with things that the members love. Examples have come out, since they are always liked by all players. And for all members of the CasinoClub who have qualified for it, there are not just a few examples. The CasinoClub has already noted several hundred examples for you, and the whole month after month. So do not go and join in!

Super start in 2017 for loyal customers

As early as January, 250 free games are waiting for the loyal members of the CasinoClub. On the faithful members? What is that supposed to mean? Very easily. If you have been a member of the CasinoClub since January 1, 2016, for at least one year, and have made at least one deposit since then, you are already a loyal member of the CasinoClub. So you qualified for the year 2017 with great and above all many examples.

On the 7th of January 2017, you will be able to take part in this year’s free rolls. Log into your account in the CasinoClub software on this day, choose from the free games menu and you will get 15 free examples for the slot Kangaroo Zoo. The examples are always available only on the days listed in the “For example -Table”. It is therefore also worthwhile for you to plan your casino stay at the CasinoClub in order to be able to take all possible examples.

There are also bonus conditions for loyal members

Although you are a loyal member of the CasinoClub, you can take advantage of this offer. But, of course, there are of course, for you, bonus conditions, which you must fulfill, in order to be able to fully utilize the examples with all their advantages.

As you have already read, CasinoClub is only available in the download version of CasinoClub. If you are qualified for the frees, but you have not yet downloaded the Casino version of the CasinoClub, you can easily get it and you can start your For example adventure 2017 at the CasinoClub. The examples are always only available on the mentioned day at the listed slot and thus a maximum of 24 hours available. Just before the end of the day, to use the examples can be time-consuming for you and you may end up with the fact that you cannot use all the examples for the slot. The winnings from the free rolls are credited to you as bonus credits and are therefore subject to the bonus conditions in the CasinoClub. Among other things, you have to convert the bonus, ie the winnings 100 times, so that you can get it as a cashable credit. This conversion must be made within 30 days after the bonus credit, otherwise the bonus will be forfeited. In addition, the general terms and conditions in CasinoClub, which you already know, apply.