New Platform Game

New Platform Game

There is a new game for you happy people and customers to play and it’s called Funky Fruits. The game will be online Playtech software available to be played in the gambling industry. The game’s symbols and playing will be with fruits comically crafted so that they will be fun for the gambler. The game will be played in a grid of horizontally and vertically play lines. The trailer of the game is available to be seen on the internet.

The game starts and goes on with you as a farmer who carries fruits in his truck. The side of the truck opens so that the reels can be seen. The background is a green field with windmills and barns, clouds on the sky. The brightness and vibrancy of color affects the symbols as well through the characteristically colored fruits. Line payouts are awarded by the lemon, the orange, the watermelon, the cherries and the pineapple. The fruits are crafted with faces in a variety of expressions such as happy sad and others, depending on the game and how it flows. The visual delight continues through the animations of the fruit symbols in winning combinations. The lemon pouts, the orange twirls, the pineapple waggles its longue and one cherry slaps and hits in the other. The lower payouts are awarded by the brightly colored playing card icons with all the fruits sad and disappointed.

There are two special online bonus symbols. One is the double payouts with the Wild logo in the wild symbol. It can be seen stacked on rails and it helps with the winning combinations. The Wild logo offers a 10 000 coins on its own, but combined with the fruits it can go up through the sky. If a big win happens the farmer gets out of the truck and starts playing and dancing gangnam style. Two or more symbols are win by itself and three or more symbols is a Funky fruit Bonus. And in the multiplayer version there are 8 free spins in the 2x multiplayer game. Don’t forget to follow the next and bet online. You might end up like the guy on the photo above.

The first thing that you should know for the Jumping Beans is that all five lines have to be enabled for the game to be played. Bet per line is available, for the five lines as we previously mentioned, from $0.1 to $1.0. There are five symbols in the Mexican theme which are rose, guitar, cactus, cabana, sun, maracas and Bandido Bean. The Tacos symbol is there appearing in single double and triple tacos as it acts as the bar symbol.

Just as any classical games, they pay when they appear three in line, but there are exceptions, and some symbols pay for two in a line. Mr. Bean is the wild symbol, making the game even funnier and interesting. Don’t forget to check the sports betting forums online and bet and gamble online.