New Microgaming machines are characterized by love

New Microgaming machines are characterized by love

A new month starts and many men begin the next day of pure stress, because the ominous Valentine’s Day is once again at the door. Whether an excursion, a romantic candle-lit dinner, or even a new sparkling gem on the finger or the throat of the pretenders, help the man of today to climb up a few more steps on the ladder of desires in the eyes of the hot-loving partner. With the large number of different possibilities to impress your own better half, it is really not easy to find the right one at the end. In order to distract a little from this hustle and bustle about Valentine’s Day, from which evil tongues claim that this was only invented to boost sales in stores, the developer of the popular Microgaming machines from the Isle of Man donates to all men who have been frustrated And, of course, women, too, with SECRET ROMANCE and FRUIT VS CANDY this month, 2 new automatic games, which, of course, should be different in February, with the theme of love and certain other preferences.


The good, old, secret romance is the main theme of the new game machine, which will be available to the players from all the Microgaming casinos starting on February 1, and will bring both men and women into love mood until Valentine’s Day. However, SECRET ROMANCE is not based on the classic relationship but, as the name suggests, on the secret love affair between the lovers. And yet, we are honest, the chance that the hot-tempered affair will be looked upon with the full dose of love on such a day as the possible existing wife, which every year only receives the bouquet of flowers from the gas station as a ritual, are now clear Higher than otherwise. And this is how Microgaming’s new SECRET ROMANCE game on the 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 15 winning lines are hot. Classic love symbols such as roses, hearts and precious stones characterize the picture and are rounded off by a diamond ring as a scatter symbol and a mystery symbol in the form of a love letter. The envelope, which is held in red, has it in itself, because it can contain the various things up to the scatter. With the bonus features in SECRET ROMANCE, Microgaming’s automatic game is also not ragged, so there are not only 10 frees when meeting at least 3 diamond rings, but 14 of these popular Free spins. In addition to the Gambler, the Freemason mode also provides a multiplier which can rise up to the fifth, thus promising profitable gains and in the end perhaps ensures that this year the wife does not only receive the ostrich flowers from the petrol station as a proof of love.

Microgaming’s FRUIT VS CANDY is about love at snacking

At the next game machine, which also offers all the rollers for the Gambler in all Microgaming Casino from February 1, the theme is love, because not a few people have a definite tendency to enjoy all sorts of sweet treats. With the new FRUIT VS CANDY slot, the developer of the Ilse of Man lets the fruit fight against the sweets. From the point of view of one’s own health, the fruit would have a clear head here, but who is already fond of living as ascetic, because it is precisely the vices that make life so pleasant. The nice thing about FRUIT VS CANDY from Microgaming is that everyone here can pursue their preferences, because the new game machine comes similarly to the brilliant game LOST VEGAS, by the same developer, with two different game modes therefore. The health-conscious Gambler, with a clear preference for the vitamin-rich fruit, definitely gets his money with kiwi, pineapple, orange and blackberry, while the life-affirming, pleasure-loving player can look for luck with the lollipops and various other sugar bombs. Especially in the Freemason mode, which is triggered as usual by three Scatter in both versions, the two variants differ tremendously and so in FRUIT VS CANDY in the fruit mode make the Freespins for immediate profit of fruit symbols without winning lines. In sweat mode, the Freespins for thick game, you can stack with each round and fill the roles to an ever greater extent. With 5 reels on 3 rows with 243 different ways to win, this means nothing but the big reefing for the player.