New England Patriots in trouble

The NFL is investigating for the following act of the New England Patriots. Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh made an objection where he was pointing finger on his enemies’ the New England Patriots’ for making a trick in the substitution in the third quarter in the game when his team lost 35-31 on Saturday night. He called upon a trick that is known in the NFL that the change of player also includes a change in formation, and something like that is not allowed and it’s against the rules.

The charge that John Harbaugh sent to the NFL was carefully overlooked by the officials in the league, and their spokesman Chris Mortensen got out on the news and rejected it, saying that nothing like that happened in the last game that the Ravens were playing against the New England Patriots on Saturday night. The substitutions that they did only contained a change of a player, and by observing the full video of the match no formation change was there. The NFL association suggests to John Harbaugh to accept the loss in a friendly and sports like way and not to try and find alibi in something that never happened.

In the third quarter of the game where Ravens meet the Patriot, the Patriots made a move that isn’t well known in the NFL so the Ravens and their coach John Harbaugh were confused they had no idea what was going on. John unsatisfied with the decisions of the match officials not to take any action went in the field with screams and objecting to them, and with this action he received a penalty for unsportsmanlike person and his team was punished for that.

John after the game had no idea what to do or how to say, but he knew he wanted to get the Patriots in trouble somehow. He first started by collecting ID’s from all the player of the enemy team, the New England Patriots. Then he said that their coach’s license was out of date, so at the end he would object to the NFL official board that the substitution in the game were illegal and against the rules and regulations in the NFL and they needed to punish the patriots with losing the game. Unfortunate for him nothing of this happened because every player has been registered and eligible for play, as well as the coach’s license was doe to date. The substitutions were later on looked upon for the final decision came today that there is nothing wrong going on in the match. The game’s case is closed and John is not allowed to have any more objections about the Ravens vs. Patriots game.

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