New Chairman at Novomatic AG

New Chairman at Novomatic AG

At Novomatic AG, there is a very serious change in the management day. For, as the company from Lower Austria announced, there will be a change in the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The lawyer Dr. Bernd Oswald inherits Herbert Lugmayr, who will resign after 20 years as chairman of the supervisory board and will open the way to a new era. Lugmayr will probably not be going away, as the company confirmed. Herbert Lugmayr will continue to take on an advisory role at Novomatic. After all, the company owes a great deal to him.

Herbert Lugmayr goes, Dr. Bernd Oswald comes

On February 16, 2017, the Novomatic Group has made it so far. Then an era will end at the Annual General Meeting and perhaps a new era will begin at the same time. Herbert Lugmayr resigned after 20 years as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Dr. Bernd Oswald was appointed to the Supervisory Board, and was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board immediately at the constituent meeting of the Supervisory Board. And the footsteps into which Dr. Oswald joins are great. After all, Herbert Lugmayr played a decisive role in shaping and influencing the long-term success of the Lower Austrian Group in his 20-year career. Although he will continue to serve the company as a consultant, Dr. Bernd Oswald, a lawyer, will soon be chairing the Supervisory Board.

From 1 March 2017 new composition of the Supervisory Board

The appointment of Dr. Bernd Oswald as the new chairman of the supervisory board will, of course, also confuse the entire supervisory board, as Novomatic has communicated. As of March 1, 2017, the appointment of the Supervisory Board is such that Dr. Bernd Oswald is initially appointed chairman. His representative, that is, the position of deputy chairman, or, in this case, deputy chairman, will be taken over by Mag. Martina Flitsch. In addition, there will be three other members on the Supervisory Board. In the future, Mag. Martina Kurz, Mag. Barbara Feldman and Univ.-Doz. Dr. Robert Hofians to attend the Supervisory Board. At the same time, the supervisory board of Novomatic has also grown by one member with the appointment of auditor Dr. Robert Hofians. Before, there were only four members on the Novomatic Supervisory Board.

Dr. Bernd Oswald is well acquainted with the Austrian company

Of course, Novomatic did not appoint any lawyer as future Chairman of the Supervisory Board. With Dr. Bernd Oswald, the group has a good attorney at the helm, which is regarded above all as a corporate and business law expert. And it is also the attorney, who has long advocated a lawyer for the Lower Austrian Company. In addition, Dr. Bernd Oswald already joined the Supervisory Board of Novomatic AG in 2012. He is therefore a very good cast as successor to Herbert Lugmayr. After all, Dr. Oswald already knows the company as well as his West bag at Novomatic. And this is certainly a great advantage on the future post as chairman of the supervisory board. You will also see where the journey with Dr. Bernd Oswald goes. There is not yet a tendency, whether there may be changes in the direction of the company or where future focus will be set. So it remains to be seen whether Dr. Oswald will remain in the management day as it used to be, or whether there would be minor or drastic changes at Novomatic.