New Alert Winner at Unibet with a player who bets 1€ to win 8,872€

New Alert Winner at Unibet with a player who bets 1€ to win 8,872€

We can never say enough: sometimes it takes little to unhook the stars. This is the case of some jackpot slot machines, which have the ability to send crazy sums with minimal bets. It is also the case of sports betting, at least part of them, the heart of the wheel, those whose investment is the equivalent of a baguette but whose reward corresponds to a car.

Just recently, an online player of Unibet earned the famous “Alert Winner” of the site by obtaining a gain of 8,872€ on a combined bet which cost him only 1 symbolic dollar!

The instinct of a life?

In order to succeed in posting such a good return on investment, Marc B bet on 13 European football results at the end of August 2016. At that time, he decided to predict that the PSG will not be (still) champion of France but that Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Chelsea will be the masters of their respective championships.

He then determined with brilliance who will be the top 2 of each group of the Champions League. Having wagered 1 euro, he had only to reach a few months to see if his prediction was right. If he lost, it was only a euro but with this gain, he can now prepare a nice vacation or buy a car.

With his 13 results, Marc B could beat a score of 5.915 against 1. But thanks to the famous bonus Multimax, it could boost its bet with 50% Multimax, or 2,957 euros more.

In the end, he will have waited a few months to cash 8,872 euros, an expectation that will have earned the blow and that will leave him with a smug smile on his face, and probably a new series of bets combined for the future. You must beat the iron as long as it is hot.