NetEnt and Codere conclude contract

NetEnt and Codere conclude contract

Posted on June 20, 2024 by in Gambling
NetEnt and Codere

For a few days, the year 2016 is still ready, but it is already clear to the Swedish developer that they will be among the most successful in the history of the company over 300 days ago. There is great growth in all areas, the number of customers is growing steadily, and a slot machine gun chases the next. But even more important for NetEnt’s own future is the course set this year for the next months and years, because 2016 is the year for the Swedes in which the departure into unexplored territory took place. One of NetEnt’s core objectives at the beginning of this year was to focus more on the regulated markets in the world and to take the leap into the stationary casinos and casinos. In both sectors, the company was quick to follow the announcements, as only a license was acquired in Romania and later signed with the Merkur gaming machine manufacturer, and the Buchmacher Paddy Power contracts, for the delivery of their own slot machine games for their money players. For the first time a formerly pure developer for online casinos took the leap into the market of classic casinos. Now, just before the end of the year, NetEnt now announced to become active in Mexico.

Codere aims to develop Latin America

In order not to have to start from the very beginning in the vast market of Central and South America, it is advisable to look for a strong partner in order to make the entry much easier and more profitable with the already existing expertise. Exactly this way will also go NetEnt and has for this a contract with one of its existing customers now on a whole new level. For several years now, the Swedes are working with the Spanish gambling companies together Codere and deliver Diesee Company with their online casino slot games. However, Codere is not only a great number in the South of Europe, it also operates gambling centers or internet casinos in Spain and Italy, but this gaming operator has been very active in South America for many years and operates its own game banks in Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia Play halls. In North and Central America, the Spanish company Codere is also very active in Mexico and is one of the largest providers of bingo. This huge portfolio of casinos, bingo and online casinos scattered all over the continent make Codere for NetEnt so interesting, as their side will make it significantly easier for NetEnt to penetrate this market of more than 500 million potential customers.

Codere gets everything from NetEnt everything your heart desires

Up to now, NetEnt has been delivering its popular slot machine games to Codere only for the Spanish and Italian online market, but the newly designed contract will significantly intensify the cooperation between the two companies. In addition to providing the entire arsenal of slot machines, live casino and other classic casino games, NetEnt will also provide the Spanish in Mexico with games for the stationary gambling machines in the gambling and slot machine casinos. For NetEnt, this is often a successful coup, because Codere is one of the largest operators of gambling games in this country, both offline and online. The NetEnt slot machine will also be used to boost NetEnt’s popularity, and this deal will act like a door opener for future customer acquisitions across America. For Codere, this contract again means an increase of high-quality and high-quality automatic games, which can be offered to the customer’s own customers and thus also the activation of new customers and target groups is in the foreground.

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