NBA News from last night

NBA News from last night

Miami – Miami basketball was expected last night celebrated the eighth victory of the season, as they stood against the worst team in the NBA, in 14 attempts but it has not tasted victory since Philadelphia were therefore better to 96:91. This has consolidated the third place of the table Eastern Conference with two-thirds of the proceeds.

At least in the first half there was a strong smell of surprise, as the guests at the first break after the partial loss 17: 2 which went with twelve points inventories, which have not been satisfied, but they continued playful game and assault increased even at +17. Only when the fever to understand that the devil took the joke, they rolled up their sleeves, condense species and is slowly nearing Challenger.

Only two points behind were the first hopper Ben Udrih on goal four minutes before the end of the third quarter (59:61), Philadelphia is otherwise again peeling off nine points difference and in the last part even at +11, then Miami the partial outcome 8: 0 first leveling the trio of Chris Bosh (89:89), but in the playoff enumerated six points in a row and just got to the painfully-earned victory, because it is not with the exception of the beginning and end of the match even once led. But the lead was not enough to make the difference that the whole team was hoping for, and the slipped the lead and let the opponents grab the points.

Both the Slovenian basketball player in the winning team were not excessive when shooting. Goran Dragic, as is already standard, get a place in the starting five and 26 minutes on the court by six points (two 3: 7), four passes, seven rebounds, one stolen and lost three balls while Beno Udrih from the bench in a game interrupted for six minutes, during which time contributed two points (two 1: 1), one jump and one lost the ball.

Most have proved Dwyane Wade with 27 points and Chris Bosh with a double twin 13 points and 11 rebounds. The types of losers, who have won ten threes, more than half of all the points they achieved reservists (47) have stood Isaiah Canaan (22 points, 5 triples) and Robert Covington (21 points, 3 troika), while the center Jahl Okafor rejoiced twin double 16 points and 11 rebounds.

Their little fourth time in a row

Basketball New York are also entered the eighth win of the season, fourth in a row. This time they have been on tour with 107: 102 effective from Houston, which remained at five successes. A key turning point occurred in the second quarter when their little nullify the initial gap and leaked to a maximum of seven points (55:48), supplies until the end no longer let it go by.